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The maternity it has become in recent years a hot potato in many sectors. Women have more problems to reach high positions of companies, but also in works more modest. Looks like a problem to hire a girl and that this can become pregnant. For this reason, the trend has been that regardless of whether the woman was better prepared than the man, the job must be for him.

This translates also to the world of sport. While in disciplines like tennis are struggling and are getting, in some ways, the parity in major tournaments at the time of the distribution of prizes, in other as the football there is still much to be done. But what is certain is that times are changing and it shows. Although it also helps that players important, that well might be considered as galactic, visibilicen that if they want to be mothers, there is no problem.

This is the case of Alex Morgan. Front of the Orlando Prideworld champion with the selection of united States and one of the most well known faces in the women’s soccer. After winning the World cup in Francethe footballer announced that he expected his first son with the also player Servando Carrasco. The news was very well received and is serving as the best example of that may be pregnant, be a mother and pursue a career of elite.

The example of Morgan

“We are in love and we have not met them yet. The new member of the family Carrasco, will come soon,” wrote Alex Morgan in their social networks. It was as well as the footballer announced the birth of their baby, who will be a girl, after the american press began to speculate about the pregnancy. A news that came as a pump since this 2020 is a year of Olympic Games.

The next summer held in Tokyo a new edition of the olympic games. A great event in the world of sport and in the selection of united States women’s football is presented as the big favorite for the gold. The doubt then was: what will be Morga list?

The front has not stopped training and even surprised just a few days ago with images, training with his national team, and… oh, seven months pregnant! The video of Alex Morgan did not take long to go around the world and became an example of reconciliation for all those players who want to continue with their careers and be mothers without anything or anyone to prevent it.

The training of Alex Morgan I at seven months of pregnancy!

The front of the Orlando Pride has continued to train, and has come to the concentration of their national team despite their advanced state of gestation. His desire is to recover quickly after the birth and be ready to go to the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Of Leroux to the Spanish case

In the same Orlando Pride, another player was in the news the past month of march 2019, also for a pregnancy. Sydney Leroux was presented in the preseason of his team five months pregnant. His photo spread like wildfire, but it was she herself who showed how it could work without problems in spite of your state.

Sydney Leroux, a player of the Orlando Pride

Sydney Leroux, a player of the Orlando Pride

Twitter (@sydneyleroux)

“I just do things without contact. Work of ball. Getting touches. I do not put myself in situations in which the ball may bounce or may be hit,” he said in his day Sydney on her pregnancy on the popular social network. In addition, it noted that it did not “run with high intensity,” and that what they tried was to “listen” to his “body” because, as he said, he knows more of what he has to do that the people of Twitter.

The Sydney Leroux was the second pregnancy. And while this may seem most natural, in regard to the Spanish football is not. I recently was a player Osasuna that was in the news for being a mother. Maider Irisarri he played his last match in January 2019, after you have your baby, returned to the beginning of this 2020 to the playing fields.

Like the americans, Irisarri continued to work out with an advanced gestation, since as she herself has ensured that being pregnant is not being sick. Fifteen days after giving birth, began its process of recovery in order to return as soon as possible with the whole pinko.

The player of Osasuna Maider Irisarri

The player of Osasuna Maider Irisarri

Maider Irisarri is a pioneer in Spanish football, the first player to return to action after becoming a mother. An example for the rest of footballers, although it is the convention that will be a point of tranquillity, and, above all, justice, for those who wish to have children and not to lose thus none of their rights.

Hot spot of the convention

The collective agreement the women’s soccer in Spain is already a reality. After months of negotiations and numerous meetings, including a strike collective in the First Iberdrola, the soap opera has come to an end. One of the highlights of this is the protocol of pregnancy.

In February of 2019, the AFE I submit this protocol to pregnancy, in accordance with the Law 31/1995 November 8 “to guarantee the protection of motherhood and breastfeeding.” This had two key points:

– Adaptation of the conditions and/or time of the workouts and any other activity that develop in the club usually.

– Performing temporary functions are compatible with their status within the same club.

Also, the AFE detailing in the text the rights of the players and the duties of the clubs: “The club will facilitate the reintegration of the player to his position when the set time and your health allow, and the footballer wants to return.”

As said the own Maider Irisarri, the signing of this agreement will cause the players to be more calm about the future of their careers and who may return to their club with total normality once they are recovered, as any other woman.

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