The secret of Adele to lose more than forty kilos


Adele began to diet and exercise since last October. Photo Instagram: adele

Adele began to diet and exercise since last October. Photo Instagram: adele


Camila Goodis, known as the enchantress brazilian bodies, revealed the diet to which they are subjected Adele to lose as much weight.

In addition consume half of the 2000 calories recommended the day for a woman, the british singer started to do a lot of exercise, according to the site the Sun.

Been exercising a lot, but I think that ninety per cent was due to the diet. It is a good diet to reach the ideal weight. The first week was intense, as they were just green juices and 1000 calories a day. Changed his style of life”

Goodis, of 36 years, teaches classes of pilates to the wife of Robbie Williams at his home in Los Angeles and it was there that he met the Oscar winner.

When he came to ask for the classes I did not know it was her, only I thought it was someone who looked a lot like Adele”

Photo Instagram: adele

Diet and exercise began in October after the feast of Drake, weeks after inserting the application for divorce of his then partner Simon Konecki.

In addition, Camila stated that it does not consider that it is look very thin.

It doesn’t look very skinny, looks spectacular”.

But in addition to Camila worked with the u.s. Dalton Wongtrainer for Jennifer Lawrence, and Joe Wicks.

The artist of 31 years he surprised his fans when he released some pictures of her where she looked much more thin.

Even, during their vacation in the Caribbean, next to Harry Styles and James Corden, chatted with some fans and told them that he had lost more than 40 kilos.


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