The secret of Rihanna and the reason why it has a strong link with Mexico


Mexico city.- Rihanna it feels identified with the mexicans, and even has lived secretly in the Citie of Mexico because it feels a great love by the country.

In statements to the most recent edition of Vogue, whose cover stars, the interpreter barbadense revealed that mexicans remind people of Guyana, south american country where he was born his mother, Monica Braithwaiteand that also has a history plagued by discrimination and the immigration.

I love Mexico, you may have to get a DNA analysis,” said joker the singer.

The guyaneses are like the mexicans of Barbados, so I can relate to, and that is why I really relate and I empathize with the mexicans or latinos, who are discriminated against in the united States. I know what it feels like to that the immigration to enter your home in the middle of the night and drag people”, added the entrepreneur.

Rihanna also he opened his heart regarding the difficulties he lived with his mother when she emigrated from Barbados.

Let’s say that I know how is that fight. I’ve witnessed, I’ve been there. I think I was eight years old when I had to live that in the middle of the night. So I know how disheartening that is for a child, and if my father had been dragged out of my house, I can guarantee that my life would have been a disaster,” he revealed.

On the other hand, the interpreter also admitted that in the future it is seen as a mom three or four children, even if you have no partner.

See you less as a parent if there is a father in the lives of your children, but the only thing that matters is the happiness, that is the only healthy relationship between a father and a son. The only thing that can raise a child of truth is love”, put forward.