The singer Adele has undergone a metamorphosis physical


At the end of last October, the singer Adele made a comeback the public that left all his followers with the mouth open. The artist was almost unrecognizable after having suffered a drastic loss of weight, and their photos they quickly became viral because of the impact it had. Well, two and a half months later, a few images of Adele in the beach the show even more thin if it is, something that has made their fans anxious for a bit.

And there are those who believe that the weight loss Adele has been very rapid and extreme, something that could cause harm to your health. If your photos on Instagram caused surprise because of the physical change that hadthe present where the artist is in the beach not far behind.


In the photos we can see Adele enjoying the beaches of the Caribbean wearing a black dress polka dots white and with the hair in a bun. A red handkerchief knotted to the neck and numerous gold chains adorning his chest by way of add-ons.

In the photos published by the magazine People, Adele appears smiling and with a joyful expression, although it is true that it costs quite recognize it. The artist looks so thin after the diet has been followed that there are those who dare to say that it is unrecognizable.


The pictures of Adele at the beach are very much being discussed in social networks, where you have quickly viralizado. Some of them can be seen in the company of Harry Styles and James Cordentwo british triumph in the united States with which has sketched a good friendship.

But without a doubt, what is striking about the pictures is how thin they are see Adele. The british media ensure that your physical transformation is must in a 90% to a diet change where the artist has completely eliminated the consumption of sugar (something that took in large amounts) and the industrial bakery, among many other foods.


However, and although many are applauding this new figure more fit Adele, there are those who believe that there has been a metamorphosis very quickly and that could be dangerous to your health. For the moment, she seems thrilled with her weight loss and her life as a woman separate.