The skinheads of the quarantine


It appears that the quarantine has begun to wreak havoc on the famous, who, prey to boredom and despair for spending so much time indoors, has resulted in many show episodes of anxiety, rapándose the head to the pure style of Britney Spears of 2007.

It has been through their social networks that some celebrities have shared not only their exercise routines or recipes, but also their image changes, going from short hair to the shaving end, making it clear that the hair cut is the new cut of 2020. So this week I share a list of the famous who have joined this unexpected tendency to wear the head shaven.

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The colombian was one of the first to wear the head shaven. Spent the hair short and blond in a style completely shaved by machine. To achieve this look, the singer enlisted the help of his mother, who was responsible for come to your aid in your change of image. The result was recorded in the official account of Maluma, who uploaded a photo and video of the process with the message: ‘Thank you, mother, the rompisteeeee’.

Cody Simpson


Then look for a long period his blonde hair, the musician, Cody Simpson decided to tell him goodbye and switch to a style more practical. For this change of image, the australian told with the help of his girlfriend, the singer Miley Cyrus to shave your head and brand new look. Via Instagram, the couple shared the process of the court, where Miley served as the stylist.

Jwan Yosef

Who debuted as a barber, and this quarantine was Ricky Martin. The astro boricua changed the microphone for the machine to shave and set out to cut off the hair to her husband, Jwan Yosef. The couple and their children are in Los Angeles going through the confinement and has been there where the artist sirius premiered look. The step-by-step was shared across three posts on the social networks: two videos and a picture in which it appears Ricky is standing in the machine, and Jwan sitting with his head in the process of shaving.

Cristiano Ronaldo


For Cristiano Ronaldo, the coronavirus, and the confinement has not been an impediment to continue boasting on social networks, your good body and some of its training. But these have not been the only ones. Also the footballer shared the procedure of your most recent hair cut. The charge of raparlo was her partner, Georgina Rodriguez. In the video you can see how she, dressed in a gray sweatshirt, passing the razor by the head of the player of Portuguese origin. The content was shared with the message: “Stay home and keep stylish” (Stay at home and still in style).

David Beckham


In addition to being recognized for his talent on the football pitch, David Beckham is also for your taste for fashion. The changes of look are her fascination and has tried different styles. One of the most remembered is the cut that was used in 2000. And now, 20 years later, returns to try that cutting to cope with the quarantine. The English hung a picture with the message: “Just had to be done” (Had to be done), where he appears with his head freshly shaved, adding to the list of celebrities before the running of the bulls have decided to cut the hair flush and forget about their care.