The story behind 10 photographs of nude famous and controversial


Many celebrities never dare to take off their clothes for a photographywhile others have no qualms in doing so. However, there are some that have marked history by teaching their bodies nudein pictures that have left us without words.

Although they rained down criticism, these nude passed into history and the details behind its publication are to stay chopped a good time. So in collect 10 nude photos and we tell you all about the controversy that erupted.

1. Marilyn Monroe, in Playboy (1953)

In 1949, when he was still an aspiring actress, said that she had no money to pay a fine to the vehicle, so I agreed to pose nude for photographer Tom Kelley in exchange for 50 dollars. Years later, when Monroe was already a star, Hugh Hefner bought the images for $ 500 and published in the first issue of his magazine Playboy.

Marilyn never received compensation extra for the photos, but the publication contributed to an important driver for the popularity of Playboy and to consolidate the image of the actress as sex symbol.

2. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, on the cover of the disc Two virgins (1968)

Lennon was still married to his wife Cynthia when he spent a weekend with Yoko Ono. The lovers consumed LSD and recorded the album Two Virgins. To finish it, had sex for the first time and took the picture nude that would become the cover of the music production.

In the united States the album was censored and confiscated 30 thousand units because it is considered pornography, while in the United Kingdom are sold with the cover partially covered.

3. Burt Reynolds, in Cosmopolitan (1972)

Helen Gurley Brown, editor of Cosmopolitan, was suggested to the actor posing nude after a match with him in a talk-show. The argument of the writer was to prove that women had the same desires visual than men, and Burt just found it funny.

The copy of the magazine sold a million and a half copies. In addition, marked a before and after, demonstrating that the nudes do not always have to be female. However, Reynolds regretted the cover, since he considered that it had damaged his career.

4. Demi Moore, in Vanity Fair (1991)

Originally it was planned that the actress will carry a green dress by designer Isaac Mizrahi. At the end of the session, the photographer Annie Leibovitz, took some many pictures of Demi seven months pregnant. The photos were going to be only for Moore, but the editor Tina Brown and later persuaded him to use cover.

Although the interview that accompanied the photos passed into oblivion, photography of the nude, it caused quite a stir. Several were impressed with the display of the pregnancy as something natural and even sensual, while others criticized the exhibition of a moment so intimate.

5. Scarlett Johansson, on the Internet (2011)

In 2011 a group of hackers accessed the email accounts of 50 celebrities, by filtering his images more intimate. The emergence of the photos of Scarlett, that he had sent to her then husband Ryan Reynolds, caused controversy because it was made viral.

When the culprit of the leak, Christopher, Chane, was sentenced to a decade in prison, the tone of the conversation changed and they started to take more seriously this kind of invasions of privacy.

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6. Susana Estrada in the delivery of the prizes of the journal People (1978)

During the delivery of the awards, the actress suffered an embarrassing incident. When they handed him his award, the dress that was left exposed of her chest, in a moment that was captured by the photographer Marisa Flórez.

Susana Estrada had already starred in naked in the theatre, but on this occasion it was different. The image of the actress with the bare chest in the middle of a crowd of men turned the world and symbolized the opening that existed at that time in Spain.

7. Kim Kardashian, in Paper Mag (2014)

Although Kim Kardashian is known for getting naked on social networks, this image caused quite a stir. It was a recreation of the photograph on disformia body that took the aspiring actress Carolina Beaumont in 1976.

Some have criticized Kim for her plastic surgeries and others pointed to cultural appropriation, because that was supposedly reinforcing the stereotype of black women and the large back.

8. Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, in New York Daily News (2016)

The journal New York Daily News generated controversy by posting images, with a few days of separation, the actor Orlando Bloom and singer Justin Bieber as they came into the world. They were images captured on a public beach, so the newspaper was not in breach of any rule.

The photos also raised curiosity, since both celebrities are famous for having a rivalry between them, since they fought over the same woman, the model Miranda Kerr.

9. Marisol, in Interview (1976)

The photographs of the singer and actress had been taken four years before, for a film project that was eventually cancelled. The portrait ended up on the front page of the magazine, which sold a million copies.

The images caused controversy because according to Marisol, were published without his consent. The photographer, Cesar Lucas, defended himself by saying that he had taken at the request of an agency and the agency which she later sold them to the magazine.

10. The ‘celebgate’ of the 4chan forum (2014)

In August of 2014 appeared on the Internet hundreds of pictures of famous naked, posted on the 4chan forum. Among the affected were Rihanna, Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco.

Although it was not the first time that they filtered intimate photos of some celebrities, the scale of this hacking has left many perplexed. It also opened a debate about the “porn revenge” and five men were sentenced to terms of eight to 18 months in prison for stealing the images of celebrities.

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