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The life of Amber Heard takes months, if not years, to be scrutinized by the public eye. The actress, who next April will comply with 34 years, has accomplished that which few interpreters want for themselves: to become more known for her private life than for her career. Although it has nearly half a hundred projects to his credit and has spent three decades in the case of a niche in the industry, in the end what has changed in your life have been 15 months: that he was married with the also actor Johnny Depp.

The union Heard with the actor Pirates of the Caribbean lasted between February 2015 and may 2016, but those days are passing bill after five years. Their legal problems with Depp have not finished, therefore its image is still marked by that union. Like their fans are still pulling out the nails for it, the criticisms against it are still voracious. So, for example, doesn’t allow comments on their publications in social networks. In fact, they also shows to their couples.

In the last issue, Heard can be seen in what appears to be the garden of his house picking up rosemary and oranges of a tree as part of your diet of confinement, and to “maintain social distance,” as she says. Listening to a female voice that you are recording your video, but it is unknown who it is, because it’s not in camera nor is it directed to her by name. However, all indications are that it could be Bianca Butti, director of film for 38 years.

Butti is the last couple of Heard island and it has been seen with her during the last three months. The actress with her now, after spending several years with the photographer Tasya van Ree, marry Johnny Depp, and leave it for about a year with the magnate Elon Musk, the founder of the car brand Tesla. As Heard told a few months ago, his life and his career “began to change” when publicly revealed her bisexuality.

“I was only honest but by the face of the person that I interviewed knew that I had gotten myself into a problem (…) I became a label. I had never felt defined as a person who was my partner,” said Heard, who recalled that his name next to the word “bisexual” was a big problem in his career and as a woman. The actress Aquaman he said that sexuality remains taboo in Hollywood: “If every gay man that I know of in Hollywood out of the closet tomorrow, in a month all is forgotten. But we still have a long way to go”.

Beyond that label, which states that pursues is the matter of the judiciary, which is what’s really making your life and part of his career: in 2019 just made a tape, and in 2020 a small series; his next two releases have only been announced, but are not being recorded yet. In addition, it does not seem to count with the support of the powerful Hollywood: in the last few weeks, the names of the draft as Winona Ryder, Penelope Cruz, and a couple of days ago Javier Bardem was pronounced in favor of Johnny Depp, claiming that Depp was never an aggressive person, as it tries to make Heard.

“I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but from my experience with Johnny is impossible for me to believe that these terrible accusations are true. I find it extremely disconcerting knowing him as I know him,” said Ryder, while Cruz said that Depp was a good friend who knew her for years. “I’ve always been impressed by his kindness, his brilliant mind, his talent and his unique sense of humor,” said the Spanish actress.

Claims that do nothing more than leave in question the version of Heard, at least to an industry that tends to protect its own and not put out your trash out; there is more to see in the case of Harvey Weinstein, who took years to come to light in spite of to affect dozens of people from the industry.

The crossing of accusations between the couple leads extending half a decade. The one and the other accuse each other of fights, shouts and blows. It has recently come to light in a recording that demonstrates that you Heard attacked Depp: “I’m sorry not to have crossed the face with a smack as it should be, but I was pegándote, not empujándote. Sweetheart, I wasn’t pushing”, it was heard to tell her, she to him, about a fight the previous night. “I don’t know which was the route of my hand, but you’re right, not you I’ve hurt you, I pushed, you just hit it”.

While he has declared “to be the victim of Amber Heard” and accuses her of having gone to the magistrate’s court with bruises painted, she has written letters in the media where he claims he the she slapped and dragged by the hair: “It became a totally different person is often delusional and violent. We call that version of Johnny ‘The Monster”. In the journal The Washington Post he said: “two years Ago, I became a public figure representing the domestic abuse and felt the full force of the rage culture that exists against women who raise their voice”, giving to understand that his version was not accepted nor understood, and explaining that he had come to suffer death threats.

By now, your struggle legal standing, as many other celebrities. Depp has decided to denounce the british daily The Sun for libel and had the view on Monday, but the coronavirus has paused. On march 1, 2019 Depp had filed a defamation lawsuit against his former wife by insinuating that he was an abuser and cause him to lay off of the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. By now, Depp will remain in its home of France, with his lawyers also in quarantine and not able to travel. And Heard will be able to breathe away from the media storm and picking fresh oranges each morning.

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