the woman who was born to shine


From the first moment that we see Lizzo to enter the studio, one thing is clear: she takes seriously. Yes, Lizzo is a smiling woman, teases, shows off the power of their voice in social networks, but also is a woman who has an agenda, that you think carefully about each project, and above all, trust your instinct. Lizzo is now an icon of fashion and an icon of music. Is a woman who –in some way– you can say that he has earned the life, which (as we well know) is full of challenges and where success always seems far away. “But it is precisely this path that I’ve traveled… it is entirely mine. Just mine. And I’m at a point where I keep going there, and I’m proud of what I have done”, says Lizzo, with a smile. “There is nothing more iconic today than to be yourself. There is No place for anything else. I’m just in my own line,” he tells me, while preparing for the photo session for his first cover of Glamour.

And as well, Lizzo –between dresses, bright shoes, stunning accessories and dream– she told us how it has been overcome all of these obstacles, find their own voice and to balance everything in your life. But yes, one thing we made clear from the beginning: How do you define Lizzo to a powerful woman? She responds with one word: “I”.


Although the disc’s most famous Lizzo (‘Cuz i Love you’) came out in 2019, it is certain that Lizzo has been building his career for a long time. “It was a long process. It takes time to find your voice, but it is worth the search. When the time came, I was very proud of me when I sound just like you always wanted, both on stage and in the studio. It was extremely important for me to achieve this. This album (‘Cuz i Love You’) really summarizes my success in that exhaustive search of my voice” mentioned Lizzo. but what is the secret of your great success? “My passion for music was born in the school, since she was a child. I studied music theory, at the same time that I began to practice the flute. Many people started their processes as well, but almost nobody felt passionate about that, and there is my secret: I really immersed myself in that environment, completely. From that, everything was coming”.


What really surprised all of the work Lizzowas his style as eclectic. “It is not so difficult to mix sounds so different when you’re really involved in the processes of composition and production, as well as I do. I put a lot of me in the music. I put both, that in the end everything is simple”. And it is the combination of rhythms and the power of his voice, made many become fans and that Lizzo you will earn good reviews with the critics. Mix-every part of me there, in all aspects is what moves me. My love for rock and roll, my passion for classical music, my voice to the soulful style, my skills with the rap… all of that flows to perfection.”


Of one year up to the present, the number of followers of Lizzo it has grown so powerful. It was almost in a blink of an eye, that Lizzo I already had over eight million followers on Instagram and a million and a half on Twitter. “Social networks are a tool to connect with the people that support me. It is something that you use at your own discretion and definitely try not to excederme. It is what it is; a new world that we live in, where you have to take precautions.” On the other hand, Lizzo is an artist who has been able to use the power of the Internet to your favor, thanks to the way in which it is consumed so much music in the present day. “The streaming has changed everything in the music game. But what has changed in a good way for artists, because we can connect in a way more fast, in all the world, and in a single day! Previously, you had to wait to launch, wait for a disk… now everything is immediate. Yes, it gets faster, but that puts us to the artists the challenge of capturing the attention of their fans with the best of your work, the best music. Yes, there are other artists who don’t mind that… but in the end the goal is unique: to make good art.”


On the other hand, there is no doubt that Lizzo has shown us that fashion is no longer exclusive to a sector. All we can have fun in that world! “I love the fantasy of dress-up amazing, creating shapes with my body… that is the coolest thing I have discovered about being a large woman. I can create a font of silhouettes interesting and play with the colors… I can do whatever I want! And how do I define my signature style? I’m just very glamorous. No matter what you do, so I am!”


Lizzo he was building his way, always remembering what she wanted to achieve in the world. “I used to see a documentary of Beyoncé where he traveled around the world on a tour… and people go nuts as soon as she appeared. To Me it seemed incredible that an american artist could reach out to people all over the world regardless of the language. I did it with your music! I think it’s beautiful that I can do the same.” And what about the life in front of cameras is really genuine? Lizzo speaking from his case: “Yes, the life in front of the cameras should be glamorous… but it’s what we do, so we work. The lights are with you all the time, you have to look good, you must show you well. What about me? I am always in the light.”


Faced with the question of whether Lizzo you could say something to his self of the past, what I would say, it was pretty straight forward with the answer: “I Would say Keep going, bitch! It’s all going to work out.” What if you had the opportunity to know what the future holds? There was where Lizzo he hesitated a little. I don’t know. I am a woman who likes to learnthe process of not knowing and to go forward to make you more wise. If he knew what will happen in the future, I would not have the genuine opportunity of becoming that person. So no: I prefer not to know what will happen in the future.”


When we see his great career, especially now that lizzo is a proud winner of three Grammy awards, it is inevitable to ask if the luck factor has helped. “I am a woman who believes in karma… but I don’t necessarily think that luck exists by itself. It is a small part of many things. Time, situations, privileges… there is a lot that goes with the luck. Therefore, the best thing you can have in the process of life is a lot of patience and a good team. If you see my life, I surround myself with good people. Do not tolerate the lies. If I lie, I will know. Fool me, I’ll know. I am a woman, we are powerful beings. And by the same, I have a good intuition. I always rely on my intuition… and I always have a reason”. And how did Lizzo to achieve this level of trust in your inner voice? “I don’t know how to achieve to have something like that, I suppose you just have to trust your interior!!!!”


Lizzo is pretty direct, when asked what is the most important thing you’ve learned from this whole process. “Take your time. Do not rush anything. I know an artist, not a machine. The musicians are a balance between the technical and the emotional. I don’t know, I don’t have a life lesson as such. The important things you learn alone. The best thing you can do is to simply see and hear what life gives you. That is what I do. And there is more: I Know you.

Photo: David Franco

Photography equipment: Samuel Maldonado, Adriana Flores and Marianne Wasowska

Hair: The Beyonce Of BabyHair

Makeup: Alexx Mayo

Styling: Jason Rembert], Kirsten McGovern, Marko Monroe

Coordination: Sofia Dominguez and Elsa Lopez

Wizard: Paola Zamarripa

Special thanks for the set Loving Joy Studio