The young people continue to battle against climate change in line


The pandemic coronavirus cut into dry the marches of the young militants against climate change, but the movement continues on-line.

AFP.- Young people have the hope that this crisis can also serve to add followers to your cause. “We decided to cancel or postpone our great manifestations. “It’s what I had to do,” admitted the activist Swedish Greta Thunberg in an online discussion. However, it is looking to continue reporting on the various social media networks on climate change.

“During a crisis, there is to leave the things aside, and do what is best for the society”, he added in reference to the confinement of more than half of the world’s population to slow down the covid-19.

Days before the epidemic broke out in Europe, Thunberg cancelled his presence at a demonstration by the weather in Paris for “family reasons”. The march, on the 14th of march, he ended up dying at the last moment by the coronavirus.

This demonstration was supposed to be a more than the that from more than a year ago starred in the civil society all over the world to claim to the authorities that listen to the science and acting to limit global warming.

They were also planned marches and strikes from Portugal to Brazil, passing through Denmark and Nigeria.

However, “we have not ceased to act, even in this situation”, explains to the AFP Vanessa Nakate, a young activist, ugandan.

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg speaks at a protest against climate change out of the White House in Washington, DC. This happened on the 13th of September 2019.
Photo: Nicholas Kamm / AFP

The strike school weekly, organized by the movement of Thunberg, “Fridays For the Future” (“The Friday for the future in Spanish), continues on-line. So, the young people hang pictures and banners with slogans every Friday in the social networks.

On his Youtube channel, Fridays For Future organizes discussions with youth activists and explanatory videos on the weather challenges.

For its part, the group of civil disobedience Extinction Rebellion, born in Great Britain, suspended their actions blocking bridges and other infrastructure. Instead, he launched an internet campaign, #LoveandRageinTimesOfCorona (Love and rage in the times of the coronavirus), so that its militants from more than 65 countries to share their experiences during confinement.

On the other hand, in The Hague, a group of militants was expressed symbolically: they deposited hundreds of pairs of shoes in a plaza with messages in support of the cause against global warming.

In France, the movements Alternatiba and ANV-COP21 proposes trainings, conferences or cited in-line local actions of solidarity.

climate change youth marches, movements, Berlin
Louise Neubauer, who form part of Fridays for the Future, presented posters of protest to stop climate change in the gardens of the Reichstag building.
Photo: Getty Imagesjó

In Switzerland, Layla Outemzabet, movement Fridays For the Future, admits that the meetings among the members in line are “less effective”, and that this forced them to be “more creative”.

So they launched the petition “health Care yes, dividends do not” and a hundred of their militants participated in a day of aid to farmers in the field.

Outemzabet, 21, is confident that the trends that seem to be strengthened with confinement, as the local consumption, which lead to many to “reflect” on such topics as climate, agriculture or food self-sufficiency.

“Can that our claims appear to be less utopian” hopes. To Thunberg, the confinement is also a good time to “learn”: “The more you know about a subject, the more able you will be to act in the good sense,” he says.

And that is that once you finish the confinement, “will continue to be necessary for our sons and daughters take to the streets to show us what is obvious: that we have no future if we destroy the environment that keeps us standing,” he said this week pope Francis.

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