These are the most iconic songs of Lady Gaga


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, debuted her first album in 2008. Since the release of The Fame that became one of the pop artists most recognized in the world. The Guardian made a list with their best songs, and here we bring you.

10. Scheiße

As like most of Born This Way, this song was recorded in a bus, while Lady Gaga was on tour Fame Monster Ball. Is inspired by a long night in Berlin, which is sandwiched with the techno scene of the city.

9. Dance In The Dark

This was going to be originally the third single from The Fame Monster, but Gaga refused. However, it is one of the favorites of the fans of the singer.

8. Sexxx Dreams

This song celebrates nothing more than the joys of fantasizing about “doing things really nasty” with another person. “I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I’ve taken a couple of drinks and … oh my God!” Gaga laughs in the middle, drunk on lust.

7. Poker Face

The second single of Lady Gaga is built around a synthesizer intoxicating, and an early trait of hooks, repetitive and without words. This track talks about the efforts of the singer to hide the fact that he spent his time in bed with an ex-boyfriend fantasizing with women.

6. Hair

Hair is inspired by the classic heavy metal bands like Kiss and Iron Maiden. On the other hand, the premise of the song is that the identity and self-confidence can be influenced by a haircut.

5. Judas

Judas is something like the sequel to mad of Bad Romance. Since Gaga toggles a rapping robot with a strange squeal and a chorus-style Steps.

4. Alejandro

Alejandro is one of the singles more enduring than Gaga. It may be due to the references to Abba, or that the tempo of the song recalls the boom of the Eurodance of the 90’s.

3. Paparazzi

When Just Dance and Poker Face were displayed as hits passengers, arrived Paparazzi. The song highlights his early obsession with all facets of being famous, with the central theme of the song struggling to balance success and love refracted through the prism of wooing the paparazzi.

2. The Edge of Glory

This is the third single from Born This Way and was inspired by the death of the grandfather of the singer. The central message of the song is an invitation to live in the moment.

1. Bad Romance

Bad Romance was released in 2009 and talks about someone who anhelaría actively “bad romance” emotionally devastating. The sound of the track stands out for its construction as layers and layers of sound information, from the repetition of his name until the cacophony of synths, make it a piece of pop deliciously perfect.

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