This topic reminds him of a moment special with Sophie Turner


The Jonas Brothers have returned to release a documentary on Amazon Prime ‘Happines Continues’, the second part of that because we were able to enjoy in 2019 where they had as came back together. In this again we have been able to see the tour that have been done by the brothers and one of the confessions of Joe Jonas on Sophie Turner is the most romantic.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas take a bit more than a year married, and always show gestures of affection in their social networks, and more now that they are going through the confinement together. There is data to claim that Sophie Turner is pregnant and although none of the two has been confirmed it is clear that the two are happier than ever.

In the documentary Joe Jonas has confessed that the song most special to him his new album is ‘Hesitate’, an issue that is entirely dedicated to the actress of ‘Game of Thrones’: “Hesitate it as my vows for the wedding, it is my promise to pair Sophie”. In the tour when he sings the medium of the Jonas ensures that you are transported to her wedding day: “The song takes me to another universe and I can see her another time walking down the aisle”.

Joe performs ‘Hesitate’ always with the eyes closed “because I’m singing the song to her, I have to find my sense of home.” Some statements have enternecido to a lot of people, especially after listening to the lyrics carefully.

“I thank the ocean for giving me to you. You saved me once and now I will save them also. I will not hesitate for you”sings the chorus of one of the songs most romantic of the Jonas Brothers has now acquired a new meaning.