To the light the call of the night that was the final point of the marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


Are we any closer to the end of the never-ending story between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? In may will celebrate four years since they put an end to a marriage full of controversy and that has given way to a series of cross-allegations (judged by) where the violence has been the weapon by both parties. Now, it has come to light in a call to the emergency number made by a friend of the actress the night of the great anger. A call that could be a determining factor in the end one of the wars of separation longer than Hollywood.

It has been the ‘Daily Mail’ the who has published the content of that conversation that took place on the May 21, 2016 about 20.30. The night that Amber has stated that her partner hit her, she grabbed a handful of hair and came to try to asfixiarla. From the british press assert that this recording can give a turn of events.

Hello, I need to report an assault at this moment in 849 Broadway in the building of This, is the Penthouse three“, you hear that starts the executor of that call, giving the specifics of the property in the that Heard and Depp shared conjugal life. This person, who was not identified, but he preferred to keep his anonymity, he asked that mail to someone there immediately, fearing for the life of his friend.

The call is recorded as registered in the files of the police hour and a half later were to be carried out, and the defense of Johnny denies that what she hears is faithful to the events that happened between the four walls of your home. Adam Walman, a lawyer of the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribe’has stated to the ‘Daily Mail’ that “sdeploy was an ambush, a hoax. They pressured the lord Depp calling the police, but the first attempt didn’t work.”

For his part, the lawyer who represents Amber has called “fantasies” the words of a Walman who insists that that call alone was intended to harm the image of his client and that, in any case, was the truth. A cross of reproach and accusations that it is the general tone of that war and that will be that assess the judgethat is the one that has the fate of both in his hands.