Travis Scott, a rapper from a good home that became a superstar


The rap world is full of stories cliché that tell us how young people of scarce resources had to manage on the streets the first few years of their life, either through the sale of drugs or any other spin delinquent, until his approach to the music industry will end up moving you to luxurious mansions and cars of latest model.

Jacques Berman Webster II, or as it is better known in the rap scene, Travis Scott, doesn’t fit in this profile. He was born in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, April 30, 1992, in the breast of an african-american family well-to-do. The three years he obtained his first instrument, a battery, with which he began to experiment and acquire the taste for music.

“I always wanted to know how to rap. I was just trying to tell the story of my life, trying to explain who I am. I was rapping, I used to be in a group. Making beats and writing hooks. I thought that I had to improve. I was studying and learning to kill líricalmente”, told in an interview for the magazine Complex.

In his teens he began having problems with her parents, who pressured them to continue their studies at the University of Texas, but it was clear what he wanted, arguing that she could win more money with a couple of shows that some of his friends who had difficulties getting a job even recent graduates.

Determined to achieve his dream he told his parents that he needed money to buy a computer, but he bought a plane ticket straight to New York city where he began to interact with some producers of hip hop local, until you get to Los Angeles where he met the rapper Clifford T. I. Harris who introduced him to the industry.

Without economic stability, gradually his music began to attract the attention of all those involved in the scene, until one day he received a call from the rapstar Kanye West who invited him to become part of his team until, in 2015, had his first success, Antidote, who took him on tour throughout the united States.

In 2017 launched Jack Records, his own record label, with that search for financial autonomy over their work, began to support new talent as Sheck Wes, of New York, and Zackery Gift Toliver of Houston.

That same year, he began hanging out with the model and designer Kylie Jenner with whom she had her daughter Stormi Webster, until in October of last year, the couple announced their separation.

With 27 year old Travis Scott has a fortune calculated at $ 58 million, according to Forbes, and this year reached the first place of the list of Billboard chart with their third studio album Atroworld.

Strong gains

Scott raised more than $ 65 million with his tour Wish You Here in the to promote his album “Astroworld”.


From 2017 the rapper has caused anger with his designs for the brand sports shoes Nike, models of tennis were traded in the resale market for up to 45 thousand mexican pesos.