Unusual image shows a Doctor Strange wearing the suit of Iron Man


Unusual image shows a Doctor Strange wearing the suit of Iron Man

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Unusual image shows a Doctor Strange wearing the suit of Iron Man

Avengers: Endgame just turned a year since its launch, and the truth is that we continue to imagine a host of scenarios that would have made it even more epic closure that had the Movie Universe of Marvel with the death of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) after the actor heroic of the decade in front of Thanos (Josh Brolin). Can you imagine what would have happened if Doctor Strange (Benedict CumberbatchI had worn the costume of Iron Man?

We have a great news: you no longer have to imagine Strange with the powerful armor already that recently leaked a photo that shows Cumberbatch in a set, along with Robert Downey Jr. while… you Guessed it! Use the powerful Mark 85 in landscape bleak while some metal parts are located behind them and the well-known green screen background.

It is curious to note that in the image Benedict Cumberbatch only carries the suit from the mid abdomen going through his neck and of course the armsbut starting at the waist shows a pair of belts that are used as marks of production that later would be of use to the editing process.

We know that this moment never saw the light, but we may venture to think that the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo they sought to create amazing animations with the lower part of the Mark 85, maybe some attack with nanoparticles that not even Stark had shown in his fight against the Titan crazy. What we know, we can only imagine (once again) of what could have happened.

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Even so, it is gratifying to know that really shot this scene and was on the point of being in the final cut. Now let’s go further: can you imagine that Strange to make use of the maximum suit of Tony and from one second to another the tycoon and playboy, we were surprised with an innovation that only he could handle? Okay, we’ve gone to another planet with these approaches; these are things that can only be done in the Movie Universe of Marvel.

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