We talked with Lizzo on self-love, his Grammys, and much more


Lizzo is known for his songs irreverent (that when you listen to them, we raise the mood), to be an extrovert in social media and fashion in each red capert to pisa. She has become more than a performer; she is a woman who celebrates love itself.

Today is the birthday of Lizzo! And we want to share with you everything that we talked about self-love, his Grammys, and much, much, much more.

I: What does it mean to have won three Grammys?
L: Take three prizes, which are Pop Solo Performance, Album of Urban Contemporary and Traditional Performance of R&B, it means a lot to me, since that is a sign that people like my work and identify with the music that I make.

I: In terms of your collaboration with Ariana Grande, with the “Good As Hell”, how was the experience of working with her?
L: Ariana is great; simply, it was spectacular to work together. You have the best attitude, inspires in everything he does and is one of the best experiences I have had in my career. It’s super fun and gets involved in everything; actually, it is easy to collaborate with her. In addition, his community of fans is the maximum.

I: How do you manage to relax, disconnect from the digital world and raise your mood after long days of work?
L: I love listening to nature, and songs with bowls; this has been a great therapy that I have learned with the passage of time.

I: What will be the next step in your career? Who would you like to work?
L: I don’t know exactly what will be my next steps or who I would love to do some project, but I like to build on the idea and think: “what is needed to conquer the public?”. So soon, I have several songs that you will increase the morale of more than one and many
performances surprise at the side of personalities that now reign on the Internet.

I: What is the message you want to convey to your many followers?
L: My goal is for people to believe theirs with my music. To take ownership of it and in this way develop their own perception.

I: How you would like to be remembered?
L: I Want people to smile and feel good when you think about me.

Interview available in our edition of #InStyleAbril, which you can download here.