What a madness! Kaia Gerber stamped her body, and it alone, And something went wrong!


In these days of quarantine appeared a new ‘syndrome’ that is all the rage among celebrities, and day to day spread of the disease called: “everything counts in this running of the bulls”, as in the case of Kaia Gerber.

It is for this reason that the model a fan of drawings in her statuesque figure, had to make a part in your frequenter because of the confinement mandatory, something that will no doubt result in a very bad mood.

However, this reason meant for the daughter of Cindy Crawfor a challenge that led her to take a drastic decision, so that impacted his millions of fans with a new design made home-made by herself.

Before an interview the artist revealed: “I’ve been very bad, because one of my hobbies is making me tattoos, and today no one is available, so in the meantime I’ve made one myself with a needle and a little bit of ink”.

But far from feeling satisfied with the result the young man confessed: “I do Not recommend to anyone. Now I really feel a renewed respect for the tattooists”, what makes you think So bad have been?.

It is without a doubt for some people, hobbies become a part that could not wait of life, something that Kaia it recognizes very well already that she shares with her brother, Presley Gerber this particular hobby, just that he uses colors and designs much more eye-catching.

Finally not to enter into controversy the famous noted that you do not need the approval of anyone and said: “I did one and point. Just to be able to say ‘Well this month I’ve done a tattoo’, nothing happens”.