What do they have in common Halsey and the vegemite?



The singer Halsey makes it clear that has as many admirers as detractors, and, more recently, there has been a migration of the first group to the second after she was announced shortly before the outbreak of the current global pandemic that it would not be going on tour in a long time once the conclusion of the tour concerts to promote his album ‘Manic’, which for the moment has been suspended.

This weekend the interpreter has thought of an analogy that perfectly sums up your ability to conquer or to cause rejection among the public. In his humble opinion, she has a lot in common in that sense with one of the favorites of australians, the vegemite: a paste of salt taste made with yeast extract that is found in almost all the households in that country and that you do not find the same acceptance outside of its borders.

“Today I have realized that I am the musical equivalent of vegemite. To those who liked, liked a lot. But those who hate me, do it with all your soul. And no one has clear what is the most, but somehow I’m still selling, so I don’t know what to do with myself”, has written in his Twitter profile.

The sentimental relations of the artist, for example, have been used on many occasions against by the rapidity with which some believe that would happen page after each break. The fact that her last boyfriend, the singer Yungblud, you have confessed this weekend that she was raised to take his life when they were separated neither has it contributed to ending that reputation of heartbreaker.

However, a long time ago that Halsey stopped to listen to the criticism following the advice of a friend of hers very famous that made him see that he could not live his life in function of what anybody else thought.

“That is why I now keep it all for me and I do not speak of certain topics. What I will say is that it is much better to go out with someone who is not also a musician so that the work does not follow you everywhere”, he confessed it recently.