What we left Youtube this year?


By Micia Villanueva

If something increased in 2019 were news stories, controversies and disputes arising out of YouTube. Infidelities, defective products and threatening were some of the issues that led the trends this year.

By means of a video on his channel, youtuber mexican Caeli revealed that his friends tried to drogarla and abusing her in Argentina, in 2018. Although at no time mentioned the name of the individuals involved, their fans were not slow in pointing to the also youtuber Yao Cabrera, due to a series of Tweets written by the mexican during your stay in Argentina.
Yao wasted no time in denying the allegations and calling liar to the mexican, despite the fact that she did not mention his name in no time. Various youtubers were in charge of converting the litigation in the most important news of the platform, uploading videos giving your opinion and taking sides by any of the parties.

On the 14th of July, the youtuber and a member of the channel Badabun Lizbeth Rodriguez posted a video on the platform, where she reviewed the cell also youtuber Rayn Hoffman, by mimicking its famous section “Exposing infidels”. But the messages that Lizbeth gave no effect to Ryan, but to Luisito Comunica and his girlfriend at the time “La Chule”. In the messages of a group of WhatsApp, the participants spoke of an alleged infidelity on the part of Luisito’s still drunk. Despite the fact that the video was deleted a few minutes later, he was rescued by multiple users, and post on social networks multiple times. Ryan stated that the messages were read without context, and Lizbeth issued an apology to all those affected. For its part, Luisito is only mocked the people who loved to gossip and “La Chule” asked that it not the tag. In the end, the couple ended their relationship, and although they did not explain the reason, his followers attributed it to the video of Lizbeth.

The beauty guru Tati Westbrook and James Charles starred in one of the lawsuits most remembered from 2019, all because of a bottle of vitamins. After the music festival Coachella, James Charles used his instagram to thank the brand Sugarbear their help during the event and recommended their vitamins to their followers. As a response, his then friend Tati Westbrook shared their discomfort and sadness for the advertising that James made of the direct competition of his line of vitamins.

What started as a joke became a successful business for Belle Delphine. By means of Instagram, the youtuber specializing in video games, he announced to his thousands of followers that it would sell the used water from your bath tub. At first everyone thought it was a joke, and the video became viral in a matter of hours, in addition to generating hundreds of memes.
Months after the promotional video, Belle bottled water, a bathtub, allegedly used by her previously, and started selling the bottles with the warnings “do not drink” and “only use them for sentimental”. With a price of $ 30, the product was sold out in a day and in an inexhaustible source of memes. The fame that he acquired the youtuber is shut off in a matter of days, but the so-called “water gamer” is still remembered by the users of social networks as one of the oddest moments of 2019.

The last scandal of the year came from the channel with more subscribers Latin america: Badabun. In a video uploaded by youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja, a former collaborator of the channel, were released on suspected fraud and lies made by the channel by means of testimonials of several former co-workers. Among the testimonials more prominent, are the misappropriation of personal accounts of its partners, of personal threats to anyone who tries to leave the channel, the misuse of an ambulance originally purchased for medical assistance canine and plagiarism of content to channels with lower number of subscribers. The theme became a trend in social networks, and more and more youtubers had confirmed the allegations of the video of Pantoja and demanded to Badabun them back what was theirs, stating that the company Badabun recorded as its own the names of their channels and networks. After days of keeping silent, the official social networks of the channel published a press release where they announced the dismissal of the general manager of the company, asked for an apology to all those affected and assured that they will take action to repair the damage. Any active member of Badabun has denied or confirmed any of the multiple testimonies of his former teammates, and now the topic has gone quiet.


In previous years, the beauty guru american Jaclyn Hill had ventured into the world of cosmetics thanks to collaborations with other brands, as their paddles in the shadows, Morphe, or their illuminators with Becca. This year, the youtuber decided to take a bigger step and launch its own brand of cosmetics: Jaclyn Cosmetics.
After a short campaign, by social networks, in June was released the first collection of lipsticks nude of Jaclyn Cosmetics. For bad luck of the youtuber, a strong wave of complaints and bad reviews came in a matter of days, through photos on Twitter and videos on Youtube, the customers stated that the lipsticks Jaclyn arrived with problems: mold, air bubbles, metal balls, fragments of unknown materials, white hair, amongst other problems.
Jaclyn tried to explain the situation by means of a series of videos on his channel, which were heavily criticised by their fans. The scandal was such that the youtuber has turned off their networks for months, but not before promising a refund to all those affected.

The youtuber mexican Rawvana was unveiled by share their life-style, vegan, video, and publications from instagtram with recipes crudiveganas and tips for a healthy life. His followers consider it to be a honest person and healthy, in addition to a good example to follow, but that image vanished with a video uploaded by his friend and also youtuber Pautips. In a video about his trip to the Polynesian islands, Rawvana was captured with a plate of fish and vegetables in front of her, and even tried hiding it with her arm, seeing that his friend was recording, his followers managed to see him, and lost no time in asking for an explanation. Rawvana went up to his channel a video explaining that, for health reasons, saw the need to implement egg and fish to your vegan diet. From their statements, their followers fell, and the ridicule they showered. After months of inactivity, Rawvana he renamed his channel with the name of “Yovana”, your real name, and changed the recipes to share so they match your new power.