Why did he do that? Karol G completely change your image What you will think Anuel AA!


The beautiful colombian singer left without a word to all of your followers on Instagram with this sudden change of look.

The colombian singer Karol G is without doubt one of the women most dear to the genre, urban, and, since his beginnings in the music has succeeded in capturing all the latinos with their different rhythms of the music and its particular way of dressing.

In this opportunity, we will talk about a little bit of the outfit worn by Karol G to interpret the theme song “Love With Quality” by the singer Jr. Gong” Marley in the year 2019, it is a popular topic in the best style of tropical.

The dress that used the singer is quite colorful and blends in properly with the iconic style rastafarian. There is No doubt that Anuel had to be surprised when he saw his bride dressed in this unusual way.

As if outside little the beautiful colombian published in your account in Instagram the picture where you see her hair loose and decorated only with a beautiful tropical flower violet which without doubt highlighted even more your natural beauty.

The singer at the time of publishing the image put the following description: “LOVE WITH QUALITY FT @damianmarley O C E A N”. And among the many comments include: “That’s beautiful” and “This look is the one I like most of all”