Why the star of Marvel Chris Hemsworth is fascinated by Hulk Hogan and the world of wrestling?


In the world of wrestling, Hulk Hogan is an icon living. Hogan is not only a star of the popular struggle, but it is also one of the few fighters who became a celebrity outside the world of the fight. This is a remarkable feat for many reasons, the biggest of which is that the world that the fight is so bizarre that it is difficult for a fighter to escape from their rarity. Anyway, Hogan ran away from the wrestling, and now, the star of Thor, Chris Hemsworth, will become Hogan in a biopic. Here’s why he thinks it will be a fascinating look into the life of Hogan and the world of the struggle in general.

Who is Chris Hemsworth?

Hemsworth is probably best known for playing Thor in the Marvel movies, but has taken other roles outside of Marvel. For example, his first role in a Hollywood movie was in the movie reboot of Star Trek. Then, he was elected as Thor, and his popularity exploded.

One of the best movies out of Marvel is Rush, which is a film about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. In addition, he has acted in many films of war, such as the reboot of Red Dawn, 12 Strong, and, more recently, Extraction. On the way, the actor australian likes to dip the toes in different genres, as well as in Bad Times at The Royale, where he plays the role of a leader of a cult of evil.

What you said Chris Hemsworth on the biographical film of Hulk Hogan

Chris HemsworthChris HemsworthChris Hemsworth | Ernesto Ruscio / WireImage

Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, is not filming this movie in the short term, but the writers and the director are still working on it. As a result, you have to keep things quiet for now.

But, in a recent interview, according to People, reported some interesting facts about the film.

With respect to Hogan and the world of wrestling, Hemsworth said: “I’m fascinated by that world, and I think they are very interested in showing a side of the world that people have not seen before”.

Todd Phillips, who directed “the Joker”, will direct this biopic, according to People. In addition, the film will not focus on the struggles subsequent to Hogan, but rather on his early life and his early career in wrestling.

While this is not much to go on, it is enough to get a picture of what kind of movie are you doing Hemsworth and Phillips. In addition, as reported by People, Hogan will serve as a consultant and as executive producer of the movie, so that should give you a more authentic feel.

A look at the early years of the life and career of Hulk Hogan

Hogan today is a more controversial, but in his youth, he was only a fighter, a fighter who was still not a good trick. Professional wrestling is about having a trick or a unique personality and it took him a while to create the character of Hulk Hogan.

That struggle to emerge in the world of wrestling, especially in the world of wrestling of the 70’s, is unique, and this biopic will attempt to show authentically. As Phillips showed in Joker, you can make a serious movie about a guy like The Joker becoming in-itself. It is likely that that also try to make this biopic.

For example, before Hogan create Hulkamania, Hogan wrestled in Japan for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. This was the race of Hogan is less known to some american fans, but it was an interesting time for Hogan and professional wrestling in general.

That said, given how little we know about this film, the director and writer have many options. Hogan simply had a long life and career that could eventually be used for a movie.