Will Smith is thrilled with song tribute that he made the rapper Joyner Lucas


The actor Will Smith was excited and posted on your social networks a special video for thank to the rapper Joyner Lucas, who recently premiered a video clip inspired by the life and career of the artist.

“Will” is the single from the rapper where in your video recreates different scenes of films or tv series where he appeared Will Smith as “Bad Boys”, “Men in black”, “prince of rap”, “In search of happiness”, among others. The actor saw the “tribute” and are so excited that you shared it on your social networks.

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Through its account of Instagram, Smith published an excerpt of the video clip and he also recorded a video where he thanked the singer to create a song inspired by his life, deeming it as a creative person. “It’s crazy,” he said, confessing that he hopes to one day meet Joyner Lucas in person.

The rapper was surprised with his reaction and said that he needed “a cold shower and wake up”, since the actor is his idol. “Am I dreaming in this moment”, he assured in their social networks.

Check out the song and the video below:.