Will Smith, rapper pays tribute to the actor after moving topic


The actor Will Smith he expressed feeling honored and humbled after a rapper he pays a tribute to his career with touching song

The singer, Joyner Lucas, has launched the music video of “Will“last Monday, however, to the surprise of all, the video clip contained some scenes of the largest projects that have fueled the career of the actor.

Among these, he included one of his first roles at the famed series.

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“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (“the prince of The rap”), “Bad Boys” (“Two cops rebels”), “Men in Black” (“Men in black”) and “The Pursuit of Happyness” (“In search of happiness”).

After learning of this topic and to listen to him, the enshrined in the mecca of cinema reacted moved.

Subsequently, Smith Wednesday released a snippet of “Will” in your account of Instagram, where it has almost 44 million followers.

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In addition externarle its appreciation to Luke in a separate video on social networks, and described its song as “creative”.

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Also, Will he shared his desire to meet you personally some day.

For his part, Luke said through a publication in Facebook

I needed to take a cold shower and wake up. Am I dreaming in this moment.” noted excited

Will” it follows from the first album of study of Luke, “ADHD” which comes out this Friday.

The famous and beloved Will Smith he asked not to compare the movie “I Am Legend” with the pandemic of coronavirus in the program “Network Talk Table”.

The public still loves him “I Am Legend“but there are many inconsistencies in that movie.” He stressed that the current pandemic is very different to that of the virus of the film, as they are entirely different things and the best thing is to make the case to the experts.

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The actor american feels responsibility for the misinformation about the pandemic that is being generated around the film which starred in 2007, “I Am Legend” for in it there is a virus just with humanity, and many are making their theories