Zac Efron appears overweight, and disrupted networks


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Recently started to circulate on social networks images Zac Efron supposed to be where you see him ‘pasadito weight‘ during an interview.

The actor gave an interview to the channel YouTubeFirst We Feast‘ where the celebrity guests enjoy wings with spicy sauces while responding to the questions.

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During the video, the actor talks about his career and anecdotes about the highlights of the same.

Some of the users who saw the interview commented that Zac Efron looks more ‘cachetón’ usual and you might be gaining weight.

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Zac Efron you do not want to be in ‘such good shape’

During the same interview, the actor said that ‘you did not want to be in such good shape never again’.

Remembering the exhaustive diet and physical preparation that it took for her role in the film Baywatchthe actor expressed that he did not want to go through this process.

“Nine days of absolutely zero carbohydrates and sugar. Only proteins with organic herbal and green leaves organic“, it was the food that Zac Efron should be fit to get those impressive results.

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