10 gadgets that are surprising to everyone in the CES 2020


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The International Fair of Consumer Electronics (CES, for its acronym in English), he returned to Las Vegas to reveal the gadgets most innovative of the large technology firms, and some emerging companies.

In 2019, the event sponsored by the Costumer Technologies Association left the rod high with a tv enrrollable of LG, so that we will see below 10 devices that will make noise in the edition 2020.

1. A pinball game of Stranger Things

Stern it is a recognized by build pinball games that go beyond all imagination. On this occasion, created three machines of different with the theme of the iconic series from Netflix.

The game focuses on unlocking the meanings of the monstrous apparitions in the town of Hawking, Indiana, including the discovery of Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown).

The machines are equipped with a projector that you can interact with the characters, and confront directly with one another demogorgon.

2. A helmet that is smart for motorcyclists

The French company Cosmo Connected continues revolutionizing the motorcycle industry with a new version of their safety helmets.

The back of the helmet has built-in three lights: two to point to turn and to point high. These are linked by means of bluetooth to a switch which is connected to the handlebars.

If you use the GPS of your phone to take you, you can link it to the glasses of the helmet which will display the map on a display panel side.

In the event that you suffer an accident, the helmet is designed to contact the emergency services: immediately send your location and report your condition to the bodies of rescue.

3. Backpacks LED to customize

The company Pix exhibits a backpack that you can customize through your teccología LED. You can illustrate it with images, photos, video games, or even with a digital watch. The backpack is water repellent.

To bring up the display of your liking, you have to download the official application available on the stores for Android and iOS.

4. Litter box for cats with facial recognition

If you are a lover of cats, thou shalt do anything it takes to get this litter box of the brand LuluPet with Artificial Intelligence that will keep you informed of the health of your cats, recognizing your face and recording your bowel movements.

The gadget was designed by students of the University of California, Berkeley, and is enabled to use the virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon, that will classify the types of stools and urine of your cat to know his state of health.

5. Pillow anti-snoring

You will No longer be a nuisance to your partner or your roomies, with this artifact, sensory developed by the company Ten Minds in South Korea.

The pillow contains air bags and various sensors that are linked to a box of microphones to detect snoring. Once you identify the noise, the air bags begin to inflate to the person of lie on his side and stop snoring.

6. A SmartWatch differently

Apple dominates the market of wearables with its smartwatch, but it seems that a new competitor will come soon to deal with that delivers a design classic for the lovers of all things vintage.

This is the Time-C ENPI that not only tells you your heart rate and the amount of physical activity that you do; you also reveal the level of exposure to the sun, the levels of air pollution, environmental noise and moisture.

Through its mobile application, will provide you with recommendations to counteract the adverse environmental effects such as hair frizz and will alert you if the air quality is suitable for doing sport.

7. A touch screen on any surface

The company Hachi Infinite created this digital projector that can turn nearly any flat surface into a touch screen, but it only works with Android operating systems.

You can play video games , browse on your social networks, use apps to learn to play the piano or any thing you can think of from the comfort of your table.

8. The virtual reality air on a drone

We can balancearnos by the sky thanks to this drone “The Flying Gondola” and “The Flying Robots” of the company Aeronext that will allow you to see a 360 view from any point in the air.

The person on earth will have a camera linked to a different camera mounted in the drone, which remains in a vertical position and prevents the blades of the device to interfere with the view.

9. Facial recognition for care of the skin

The company Neutrogena is associated with the camera FaceID of iPhone to develop an application that will allow you to know which areas of your face need more care.

The application scans the areas of your face and recommend what products and what routine you should you should apply to keep your skin always perfect.

10. An intelligent diaper

The technology can also help you in the care of your baby with the Lumi Pampers designed to monitor sleep patterns and the state of your child.

If your baby is in the crib sleeping, you can put a camera that monitors the moisture and temperature of the small via a sensor integrated in the diaper. The information is sent to an application to the cellphone, where you’ll see a picture of the baby in real time, in addition to that will tell you how long time it takes to sleep and how much time you have to change it.

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