13% of companies in Mexico refuse to close by pandemic COVID-19


The 13% of companies with non-essential activities in Mexico have not slowed activities despite the health emergency facing the country by the COVID-19.

At the conference the morning of Monday, Luisa María Mayor, secretary of Labor, explained that the 28% of the companies that refused to close are in the automotive industry; 17% of the textile industry, and 15% of the trade of products non-essential.

To these will continue to be the footwear industry, tobacco, and construction (11%); wood industry (8%), and non-essential services as centers of education, recreation, and advertising (4%).

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The mayor noted that some of the companies that have not complied with the closure are: Andrea (manufacture of footwear), Carnival (textile), Coppel and Bolim (manufacture of electrical equipment for vehicles).

The holder of Work warned that the 23% of the companies that refuse to close are located in the municipalities most affected by the pandemic.

The federal officer added that several of the inspections were made due to complaints from the workers themselves that they were forced to continue working.

However, it is not mentioned to the stores Elektra, Grupo Salinas, who like Coppel sells appliances and cell phone, and where employees have reported cases of COVID-19 in the offices.

“There is not a permission to sell another type of products. Is only (allowed) the subject of banking and the receipt of remittances,” said secretary of Government of CDMX last week in response to allegations of employees.

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With respect to the 87% of the companies that have already complied with the sanitary measures, the owner of the Work said that 50% were already closed at the time of the inspection; and 20% gave at the closing, and 17% performed an activity essential but implemented security measures.

For his part, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has asked the companies that do not cater to the measures, to rectify for the good of the population.

“They are not coercive measures. Do not use brute force, not repression, is nothing more than to convince, persuade”, referred to by the representative.

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