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The divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is proving to be longer than his own marriage, which only lasted 15 months, between February 2015 and may 2016. However, almost four years after the actress asked for a restraining order after accusing of abuse of the plaintiff, the issue is far from resolved. Now, new tests try to tilt the ever-swinging balance of this eternal fight on the side of Depp.

An audio filtering british journal Daily Mail shows that Heard hit her husband, and also that you threw pots, pans, and vases, as explained to the newspaper. The recorded conversations date back to 2015, a time in which they tried to solve their emerging problems in marriage.

“I’m sorry not to have crossed the face with a smack as it should be, but I was pegándote, not empujándote. Sweetheart, I wasn’t pushing”, is heard saying Heard before Depp about a fight that had been held the previous night, always according to this the average british. “I don’t know which was the route of my hand, but you’re right, not you I’ve hurt you, I pushed, you just hit it”.

Among other of the sentences of the audio, which is part of a therapy session informal of the two hours recorded on the basis of consensus in the mobile phone of the actress, Heard says to Depp, “you’re just a kid, grows older, fucking Johnny.”

Johnny Depp already denounced before the judge in may of 2019 physical attacks on the part of Heard.“I denied vehemently the accusations of the lady Heard ofsde you did for the first time in may of 2016 when he went to the courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order with bruises painted the witnesses and the surveillance cameras showed that it had the previous week”, then stated the actor. “I’ll keep denying it for the rest of my life. Never abusé the lady Heard, nor of any other woman,” she explained, affirming that “she was the perpetrator”. “While combined prescription amphetamines and non-prescribed medicines with alcohol, the lady Heard committed countless acts of domestic violence against me, often in the presence of a witness, which in some cases caused me serious bodily harm”.

In fact, the Daily Mail now published images of some of these attacks, where you see Depp’s face is bruised or injured fingers. According to the british daily, there are more audios of both hurtling accusations. One of them is listening to the actor saying: “I went last night. Really, I swear I could not bear the idea of violence, of physical abuse against each other. Because if we follow the thing would be fatal. And sweetheart, I’m telling you. I’m scared to death that we’re in a fucking” crime scene”. Then Heard him respond: “I can’t promise that I did not put violent again. God, sometimes freak out and lose my head.”

Heard has stated on more than one occasion have been the victim of male violence on the part of Depp. The actress told in April that Depp had beaten her repeatedly, he had pulled off the hair by dragging it around the house and had tried to stifle it. For its part, three months after the actor posted images of him in a hospital with wounds and burns, as it was claimed that the actress he had extinguished a cigarette on the cheek. Last October, the attorneys of Amber Heard, they asked the judge to leave them to see the medical records of Depp to demonstrate his history with drugs and alcohol-something that, supposedly and according to them, showing that the actor would have abused other couples.

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