Alexander Ludwig always dreamed to be bad


Small, the canadian Alexander Ludwig watched the movies Bad boys (1995) and Bad boys II (2003), and it was there, after seeing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in these films, between chases, bullets and romance, when he knew he wanted to devote herself to acting.

The actor born in 1992, he began a career since the age of eight, where he barely, and had roles of extra, and then dubbing, but it was in 2009 when his first opportunity came from the hand of a Hollywood star, Dwayne Johnson, with The mountain being haunted.

With only 22 years, in 2014 the actor joined the Vikings, one of the most famous series of today, which gave him the popularity to return to Hollywood for the big door.

“Without a doubt, Vikings, opened me the doors to everything now is happening to me, it is amazing to see how the power of television today can take you to the cinema, I can say that it has the same power as a series than a movie,” he said.

After finishing their transmissions for the final season of the Vikings in February of this year, the same month the film Bad boys for life coming to most cinemas in the world, a feeling that the actor never thought to live.

“It’s unreal how they spend things, Will (Smith) and Martin (Lawrence) are idols for me, I grew up with them, I wanted to be an actor for them, and now I’m in this film with them, is something that even though he did and was released, I still don’t digest completely,” he said.

Bad Boys for life premiered this week in digital services and on demand and Alexander believes it is a good time to view it, because after the sanitary contingency, in movie theaters in the world, lasted in the billboard.

“No one imagined that something like this (the Covid-19) could escalate to this degree, the important thing is to do what you dictate to the authorities and to be at home, if we do not do what is necessary, we will not go,” he said.

The actor, in addition to urging that it is a good time watching the film that he shares with Kate del Castillo and Paola Núñez, who also participate in the third part of this sequel, said it is time that the people are rediscovering trying to do activities for which it is believed that they were not good.

“The isolation can be hard when one is accustomed to be always active, but now the technology allows us to be connected with the whole world, it is what I do with my family, I’ve been in love with books that I thought would never read or have started to do activities that won’t be cooped up, I never would have tried,” he said.

Ludwig added that this year premiered Hellsseries directed by Peter Segal, which tells of the life of two brothers: one a villain in the ring, and the other a hero in the world of wrestling.

This fiction had to stop after the contingency and unknown if it is still possible to begin this new year, as he had planned.