Anna Kendrick is honest about how it is to kiss Blake Lively


Both actresses star in ‘A small favor’, a peculiar thriller directed by Paul Feig the disappearance of Emily (Blake Lively) and the research of his new best friend (Anna Kendrick) that did not know her as well as believed.

We now know that, on the ribbon, the actresses share a passionate and long kissand Kendrick has spoken of how it was for her.

“See, the only thing that I can think of in those scenes is, ‘who has gum?, who has candy menthol?’. And I think that Blake was probably like because I’ve never been past that with a guy. So that was the kiss more minty and fresh that two people can have in the history of America“.

“Emily is very comfortable with the fluidity of your sexuality, but Stephanie has a component more emotional. So I was worried that was going to be, in plan, sad. We struggled to find that perfect balance, this is only a moment in which the two have ceased to carry and is a little uncomfortable.”

With regard to the sexuality of Stephanie, his character, explains that is in love with Emily in a way that you can understand perfectly.

“I do think that Stephanie would define probably as hetero, except that there is this woman that yes that is a little bit in love with and there’s a part of her that you feel attraction also“.

In any case, Kendrick and Lively can unleash the passion when they want it, that Ryan Reynolds has completely assimilated.

‘A small favor’ hits theaters Spanish September 14.

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