Anne Hathaway thought that audicionaba for Harley Quinn and not for Catwoman


If you inquire about when was the last time that we saw the skillful Catwoman in a feature film live-action, we will remember that the tape was responsible The Dark Knight Rises (2012), by Christopher Nolan. There, the actress responsible for incarnate was Anne Hathawaybut interestingly, that wasn’t the role she expected, but Harley Quinn.

In conversation with BBC Radiothe new york-based 37-year-old made a brief breakdown of his career, which includes the conclusion of the trilogy The knight of the night. Hathaway confessed that, to be convened by Nolan for the project, she believed that the role to which it aspired was that of the loony arlequina. Therefore, the histrión said to be submitted to the hearing with an outfit very befitting of the character.

“I went in and had this lovely top tailoring Vivian Westwood, among beautiful and wild, with stripes that go to all parties,” said Hathaway in the interview. “I got these flat shoes with the appearance of Joker and [durante mi encuentro con Nolan] I was trying to check Chris these little smiles and crazy.”

According to the anecdote, the meeting of the performer and the filmmaker moved for an hour without Nolan revealed that he wanted to Hathaway for Selina Kyle / Catwoman. When finally he heard that, the actress The Miserable (2012) could only think about how much he hated his blouse at those times.

As we well know, Harley Quinn is finally not figured in no time The Dark Knight Rises, and the debut of the character in the land of the live-action it happened four years after, with Suicide Squad (2016). Margot Robbie made her own the role, and so held was his interpretation that was repeated in Birds of Prey (2019) and will do so in the near future reboot The Suicide Squad (2021).

Receiving the baton on the part of Anne Hathaway, the next one to play Catwoman to the big screen will be Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2021).

For you, who has been the best Catwoman of the film?