Ariana Grande ‘exploits’ against its imitator of TikTok: “Degrades my work”


Los angeles, USA.- The singer Ariana Grande not est going very well with their look-a-likes of social networks, since a few das assured him that this has become an act of “degrading” for your work.

The artist public a video of a filmmaker that explains how to imitate or make fun of the actuacin of someone ms, is an offense as it degrades the work and effort of the imitated.

Oh my God, this can replicate how the imitation of the girls with pony tail in TikTok, those who believe that doing the voice of Cat Valentine (Victorius) and use delineated wing, with a sweatshirt is to make a good imitation ma? Because it really is ace as you feel degrade their absolute value, ” explained the famous.

The words of Ariana refer to Paige Niemannyoung , who became a sensation on the Internet by posting videos and photos dressed and made up as the singer, revealing her striking resemblance with her.

However, the tiktoker not stayed silent, and I replied to the hint of Ariana Grande.

I am already used to that Ariana I pull indirect but I’m just here to entertain. It is not who I really am in real life. Honestly, that’s the reason why, I am no longer your fan.