Ariana Grande will come out in this series of tv (according to their fans)


  • Ariana Grande can appear in a tv series –your fans ‘dixit’– because of something they have observed, and taken as evidence.
  • Ariana Grande shows her natural hair and that shines through in this quarantine.

    Today, we conceive of Ari as one of the best voices in the current panorama. Especially, after the release of their first job, back in 2014, when it divested itself completely of the platform Nickelodeon, which came to be known as an actress (and she discovered her voice to the audience).

    The one that has the last name of drink from Starbucks is a artistaza that not only reaches the high notes, but with each song that launches, tells a story with which we connect (whether it is because we feel identified or because the relate to the life of the singer) and, because of all this, we feel that your stage as an actress was far behind, despite the fact that he returned to have a role on-screen with ‘Scream Queens’, (2015-2016).

    But it has been thanks to a step that has given the creator of that same series, Ryan Murphy, by the fans Ariana they think that maybe return to the television.


    Any step in Hollywood is given by chance, and that’s well know by fans of Ariana, that have been posted on how to Ryan Murphy ‘she has left’ a possible test for evidence that the singer will be able to exit in the new season ‘American Horror Story’.

    Yesterday, Ryan went up to Instagram a post that seems to be an image ‘teaser’ of the upcoming season, with the text ‘coming soon…’. In particular, it is the picture of a character (seemingly male, but we already know how everything in this series of unexpected) that we already saw years ago, but of unknown identity.

    At that same moment, the fans realized that Ryan continued to Ariana Grande, which starred in the serié that he created in 2015: ‘Scream Queens’. And this is relevant, basically, because Ryan was still on Instagram only to her husband.

    ariana grande may leave in a television series, and the proof is that ryan murphy follows in instagram

    Ryan Murphy only follows two people: her husband and, now, Ariana Grande.


    We will continue attentive to know if this is critical… But we’re fans: the fact he took the photo and continued to act after Ariana has to mean something!