ATP and WTA under one organization would bring many benefits


With the pandemic of coronavirus stopping all the action from the tennis at least until July, the time is right to some remarkable changes and efforts to bring the sport to a higher level for the next generations.

Roger Federer and many others, would love to see the ATP and the WTA under the same umbrella and organization, urging the necessary movements, and a better experience both for the players and for the fans.

For the moment, it is not easy to follow different organizations and differences between the tennis male and female, starting with the ranking, the categories of tournaments, cash prizes, and all the other segments are essential to our sport.

The famous coach Darren Cahill is on the same page with the players, asking for the merger of the two routes, and rules simplified and the way you see and follow the game of tennis. Cahill believes that the ATP and the WTA should work together on the improvements, praising the categories and the classification system from the male side of the game and expecting something similar in the circuit of the WTA tour as soon as possible.

“This brings us more towards a commissioner in tennis,” said Cahill. “Let’s say that the four Slams remain as they are, but then you have the ATP, the WTA and the ITF, all-in-one, which means that you can appoint a commissioner of tennis, who oversee the tours of men and women, Fed Cup, Davis Cup , the Olympic Games, and also the smaller events that are under the ITF and is also under the WTA.

That person and that organization would have an enormous power. I think that, hypothetically, it would be a good position for a tennis player, because you know that each decision is made in the best interest of the game.

At this time, as a fan of tennis, if you want to try to follow him, whether it’s the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup, WTA, ATP, smaller events, there are many different platforms to which a fan has to subscribe to and it is confusing.

The social networks also become much easier if the tours are merged. Instead of competing with each other by a space of social networks, it becomes one. We would have a set of rules as well; For the moment, there are different rules in the WTA tour compared to the tour ATP, a set of classifications too, and that would make everything much easier to understand.

Even for us who live in the WTA tour, it is not easy to know how to work the tour, while the tour male is much more comfortable. We know its 1000, 500, 250, and how do the rankings work, it is much more complicated in the tour feminine, so this would simplify everything.

By the time the men get a little bit more at the negotiating table when we talk about the television rights. The ratings are exciting, because it depends on the area in which you are and who qualifies better.

I know that Serena Williams in the united States qualifies incredibly well and is at the height of Rafa and Federer”