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Avril Lavigne, who are turned away by many years of music after being diagnosed with the disease Lyme, gave several interviews on-line to various media about his new musical projects.

The artist of 35 years could not escape the questions about his reaction to learn that his colleague and fellow countryman Justin Bieber is battling against the illness that she suffered.

YOU CAN SEE Lyme disease, the incurable disease that attacked Justin Bieber and that makes it look dreadful state

Avril Lavigne reveals what she said to Justin Bieber after the reveal that she was suffering from Lyme.

The past 9 January, the canadian singer revealed that she suffered from Lyme leaving shocked his millions of fans. Before this, Avril Lavigne sent a lengthy message explaining the terrible effects of the disease.

Justin Bieber he has shared today (9 January) that it has Lyme disease. There are so many people in the world who suffers this ailment so debilitating, people who I love, friends and fans who have crossed my path. To all those people who suffer from it, I want to tell you that there is always hope” wrote on that occasion, the singer of “Complicated”.

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After several months of this publication, Avril Lavigne gave details of the direct communication he had had with Justin Bieber.

Avril Lavigne also suffered from Lyme.

I approached it as, ‘Hey, here for you if you need any advice. I can share my knowledge with you’ (…) I Was grateful for that, but I think that it seems that you’re doing well. Launched new music and also had a tour”, told the singer to Keltie Knight of ET and the Access program.

YOU CAN SEE Avril Lavigne dedicated to him this message of encouragement to Justin Bieber after learning that he suffers from Lyme

Also, Avril highlighted the value that took your colleague to talk openly about the disease. “It is also a warrior who conquers Lyme” he said.

Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber are two famous singers of Canada.

Finally, the celebrity spoke about his new songs that were created a product of your discomfort.

“’Warrior’ and ‘Head above water’ were the first two songs that I wrote for this album because he just came out of the fight against Lyme disease, so, naturally, that was what was in my heart. I love being able to take this to the light now and have a completely new meaning”.

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Celebrities who suffer from Lyme

Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber are not the only ones suffering from the terrible disease of Lyme. Well-known figures such as Thalia, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere, or Morgan Freeman have also been diagnosed with the complicated evil.

Thalia also suffers from Lyme.