Bella Thorne gutted a whole garden…and it did


The creative vein of Bella Thorne knows no limit, is a factory of ideas of what more pilgrim who leaves us amazed with every one of them is an artist… oh, the controversy!

Just a few days ago the publication of a picture in which shares a kiss with your new special friend or girlfriend when all of a sudden the creative vein has become to pop in your head. Want to play the scene of an old time movie not left anyone indifferent.

What do you remember seeing it as well?

That is, ‘American beauty’the bath legs and the bath in which the water shone by their absence and the petals of roses were used to cover the body of Mena Suvari.

Although Bella gives a twist to the scene and recreates his style…

No copying and zero attractive and sensuality, for that we are already a thousand publications of the actress little of fabric. We now turn to smirk and make clear the authorship of the idea.

What a pajamas two-piece to sleep in a bed in which the sheets are petals of roses? What the court male? What in addition bruised? What happened to the hair?

Conjectures and possibilities there are a thousand, we need an explanation!

Says the actress that the intention with this type of publishing is that we invent stories to see it and demos free rein to the imagination to devise possible causes of their wounds, flowers and pajama, and has made it!

It seems that all form part of a setting the scene for a videoone of the style of Thorne, weird, different and not like any other.

Or the same thing is a gino to the producers of the serial ‘You’ in Netflix of the that the actress is a fan and where, according to their stories you would like to appear, a great way to promote your most dark and macabre!