Brad Pitt, reconciled with his children, four years after his separation from Angelina Jolie


Brad Pitt along with three of their children, in 2014 when he was still next to Angelina Jolie Credit: GROSBY GROUP

Brad Pitt

he lived a deep transformation process during the past four years: she left behind her divorce

Angelina Jolie


made up its link with their six children

, and showed that it has a firm commitment with the


since I spoke publicly about his


. According to the american media, the actor is spending a lot of time with their children during this


by the




, and is making the most of this particular present.

“Brad is closer than ever to his children and is with them much during the isolation,” said a source close to the actor

Hollywood Life

. And he added: “In fact, these are the best family moments that lived for a long time, because they are all together. The confinement facilitated the feeling of union.”

The actor, 56, said in various interviews that since he managed to beat

his battle against alcoholism

I felt that there was “reborn”, but that still lacked to recover the bond with their children. Apparently, the quarantine had positive effects, and Pitt was able to reconnect with them. “Zahara and Brad were always very good.

Maddox was the most difficult

but finally managed to rebuild the relationship,” said the same source close to the actor.

Angelina Jolie along with their children, Sahara, Shiloh and Vivviene
Angelina Jolie along with their children, Sahara, Shiloh and Vivviene Credit: The Grosby Group

Pitt is the father of Maddox, 18 years old, Pax, 16, and Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox Léon and Marcheline, 11. During these years, bachelor, the actor strove to leave behind all the controversy, which began four years ago with

the fight during a private flight

was this Jolie and their children, and that the teen didn’t speak to him for three years.

Personal life Pitt is also much more balanced. Beyond the rumors of romance, and reconciliation with

Jennifer Aniston

they never confirmed, during the past ten months, accompanied him in

different outputs public the actress Alia Shawkat

, who maintains a very close friendship.