Caprice and Jason Momoa had chemistry on the set of Baywatch


2020-04-28 13:30:07

According to reports, Caprice and Jason Momoa were well on the set of ‘Baywatch: Hawaii’ and his mother, Valerie Bourret tried to create the pair.

According to reports, Caprice and Jason Momoa had a great chemistry on the set of ‘Baywatch’.

In 2001, when the star of ‘Aquaman’ played the heartthrob teenager Jason Ioane in ‘Baywatch: Hawaii’, model and actress of 48 years enjoyed a short period of time in the successful program after the take over of the legend of ‘Baywatch’ Pamela Anderson, and she and Jason, who was 21 years old at that time, supposedly coquetearon with a storm during their time together.

A source told MailOnline: “Jason Momoa and Caprice met on the set of ‘Baywatch’ when Caprice was offered the lead role after the departure of Pamela Anderson.

“There used to be great flirtations, and were like a house on fire. The mother of Caprice (Valerie) used to be on the set with her and I used to try to play Cupid.”

“She was always trying to make this happen because his mother loved him and I thought it was incredibly beautiful. Caprice was larger than Jason, but it’s no secret that he likes older women”.

It is said that Caprice, that was 29 years ago when I was in the series, he considered leaving ‘Baywatch’ as one of his “biggest regrets of his career.”

The insider added: “Unfortunately, Caprice decided that the main role in Baywatch was not for her, as I did not want to be chosen as the baby forever. But yes it is kicking you for not accepting it until the day of today.

“It was the largest program in the television and everyone saw it. It was one of the biggest regrets of his career.”

The claims occur when Caprice, who is married to Ty Comfort, with those who have children six years of age, Jax and Jett, took to Instagram to share a photo of the couple on the set and recalled the “happy memories” in which you are working. the show with the star of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the rest of the cast, and his mother, Valerie Bourret at his side.

She subtituló the publication: “I Cleaned up all the drawers and closets this past month … I found these old but good … photos when I was on Baywatch 2001 with Jason Momoa.

“(My kids just call it Aquaman because they refuse to think that it is not a superhero), Michael Bergin and Jason Brooks, and of course, my mother travelled with me everywhere these days #happymemories”.

Jason is married with Lisa Bonet, with whom he has children, Nakoa-Wolf, 11 years old, and Lola Ianoli of 12 years.

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