Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson enjoy their vacation at Disney

The couple flew to the city of Anaheim in California, the sister of FaceChloe Delevingne , published on his personal account Instagram a series of photos where are enjoying the multiple attractions of the park.

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Among the group that attended the trip, was the husband of Chloe, their two children, all posed very excited for the memorable photos inside the new area dedicated to Star Wars: Galaxy”s Edge.

In the publication that you made Chole, you can read:

@disneyland you were epic! What a memories amazing did for my babies! Ideally, I would have stayed much longer, but the shorter legs apparently make it more difficult for the job!

And I’ve never seen anyone more happy or more amazed of the new War of the Galaxies that @edwardajgrant

Within the 7 photographs that shared the sister of model and actress, you can see that Ashley and Face together with the whole family, the couple was using a few caps, Ashley sported a hat of Pluto, Face I opt for one of Goofy.

The travel date is not specific, but two days after the celebration of Christmas, Disneyland stopped selling tickets, because it reached its maximum capacity.

Certainly look very happy and excited.

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