Chicago recovers the smile through sport



Over the last few weeks, the singer Chicago has been exhibiting a more than understandable concern given the terrible effects of the pandemic coronavirus and, also, the fact that her fiance, dr. Miguel Sánchez Encinas, is located in the first line of the battle health.

However, the former finalist of ‘Operation Victory’ has also tried to project optimism to his followers of social networks to keep morale high in these difficult times and encourage them as well to get the most party -awaiting a gradual return to normal – to this tedious period of confinement to the home.

In your case, the music star has managed to recover the smile, among other reasons, to meet certain goals that make you feel accomplished at all levels. Without going any further, this weekend the mallorcan has been presented to the internet users very “happy” and satisfied after noting that their discipline in the physical activity referred to is already giving its fruits.

“A smile and mission accomplished. Already I start to notice the sport and I am very happy, because I don’t always have the desire, the truth. So well, a smile. ‘Trixpack and a way for the ‘sixpack’,” he joked on Instagram, alongside an image that portrays radiant and attired, yet with their sports uniform.

In his relationship with the renowned surgeon is concerned, the performer is doing everything possible to help you cope with the levels of additional stress that you are experiencing and to temporarily disconnect from the concerns with small gestures, however, are of incalculable value.

“I care very much for him and I am very aware. When you return from work, take a coffee, we talked of other things, we see series. You work in a hospital and that causes me some nervousness, but what I assume,” explained several weeks ago in conversation with the magazine Hello!