Coronavirus not a pound to Britney Spears conservatorship, The Century of Torreon


Singer Britney Spears will remain under the legal guardianship of his manager Judi Montgomery, since the audience would have to gain greater freedom, has been postponed until July 22, due to the quarantine that lives in the world by the COVID-19.

The singer was placed under the guardianship of his father in 2008 when he had severe psychiatric problems, in fact she was admitted to a clinic to be treated, according to a note published by Yahoo.

And is that the singer staged a large scandals in which the drug was the protagonist to such a degree that from 2005 to 2010 made it the cover of newspapers and magazines that gave an account of its excesses.

He came to the degree of sleeping in a parking lot in deplorable conditions. All of this also led to her losing custody of her sons Jayden and Sean in 2007. In that year it was when he shaved his head leaving the world stunned with the picture torn of “princess of pop”.

Another scandal that shattered his image and ability to govern itself, was the fact hunker down with your children and do not want to give them to her former spouse and father of the children, Kevin Federline, a fact that was followed and documented by the paparazzi, almost in real time.

All this was decisive for the judge to determine to put it in legal custody, first temporarily and then permanently. But last year, Jamie Spears, her father, and transferred that power to Montgomery, arguing health problems to continue to exercise that responsibility.

In this way, the manager is the one that has access to all the medical information of the singer and is the one who decides which people are close to it, for your safety.

But not only that, being under legal guardianship, Britney Spears, 38, has no autonomy of its finances, nor in all the aspects of your life.

In 1997, Britney signed with Jive Records and two years later released his debut album, …Baby One More Time, the best-selling album of a solo teen.

In 2000 he released his second album, Oops!… I Did It Again, that put 1.3 million copies in its first week of release in the united States.

During his first decade in the industry, Spears became a prominent figure in pop music and in popular culture. Their first two albums it was established as a pop icon and broke sales records.