Coronavirus | Robert Downey Jr. she celebrated her birthday in the house and his fellow “Avengers” filled him with messages


Robert Downey Jr. held his birthday 55 the sabbath, and the confinement because of the Covid-19 was not to parties but to show the friendship that unites him with some of his companions of the saga Avengers. He shared some of the congratulations that you sent them on their social networks. But the actor who embodies the famous character of Tony Starck in Iron Man not to forgot the strange and special circumstances that are happening in the world with the pandemic coronavirus and paid tribute to the health workers and the staff working in the front line to combat it with a quote from Maya Angelou that accompanied an allegorical Phoenix. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. It is an honor to share a birthday with this great woman”, he wrote in his account of Instagram, as the birthday of Angelou also was the 4th of April.

And he continued: “And a need to express my gratitude to the health workers, personal care attendants and home health, first responders, any person in a work of active service, as well as the police, the National Guard, all armed services, etc, Anyone who is exposed in service to others. Proud, RDJ”. But in addition to words of encouragement and appreciation, the actor also echoed its own celebration by sharing on other social networks the messages of their peers in the successful productions of Marvel, with whom you have a great connection outside the set. One of them is Josh Brolin a story of Instagram released a video in which he sang the birthday and called him “stallion” and “gift to humanity”, among other things.

Another of those who participated in this community celebration was Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, and shared a photo together, Robert Downey where both are hugging with the symbol of Avengers behind them accompanied by the phrase: “Happy birthday to one of my favorites!!! I love you 3000, @RobertDowneyJr”.

The same attitude but even more effusive and fun, is that you chose Mark Ruffalo to congratulate his team-mate: “Sending you all virtual hugs for your birthday, @RobertDowneyJr. I love you for life, 3000. It is an honor to meet a man so generous,” he wrote in his Instagram along a photo in the embrace while the two laugh.

Another person who did not miss this celebration was Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays his wife in the Marvel movies. The actress congratulated his colleague and friend with a tender photo of her wedding with Brad Falchuk. During the celebration of the same, Downey gave a speech and that was the moment that it chose the actress to reflect on the complicity and the affection that binds him to his colleague: “Before you go to sleep this April 4, I wish a happy birthday to my dear, dear @robertdowneyjr. Here it is, making a toast at our wedding, during which his humor caused pure joy that you get each time is near. He is my brother and friend. A mega-genius and the comedy writer most strange of all times. I know that all of our Marvel family joins me to wish you very a happy day. Do you love Robert? Let me hear if you do” added Paltrow.

Robert Downey Jr is one of those actors whose life could be a movie. I was 6 years old when his father gave him to try a marijuana cigarette, 28 when he was nominated for an Oscar and 31 when he woke up in jail on a puddle of his own blood. Today Robert Downey Jr. it is one of the actors better payment history: he held that position in the list Forbes between 2013 and 2015, is held in the position of the head in the past few years and pocketed $ 75 million by Avengers: Endgame, which premiered in 2019.