Criticism of A small favor, with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick


We offer A critical review of small favor, the new film directed by Paul Feig and starring the two magnificent actresses Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. Is based on the novel of the same name by Darcey Belly. In cinemas from 28 September.

Paul Feig brings us a twisted thriller tinged with comedy that draws on the novel of the same name that Darcey Belly published in 2017. Has been adapted by Jessica Sharzer, author of, among other works, of several scripts for the series American Horror Story or the TV movie Dirty Dancing, in addition to the script Nerve.

There are a multitude of unexpected twists in the movie, which adopts a endiablado pace in its last stretch, playing permanently with the expectations of the viewer: the dynamite and rebuilds until it exhausted in the final conclusion.

A small favor he immerses us in a world of contrasts: Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a young mother, copy and videoblogger who lives in a small town, juggling to get ahead. Is a woman optimistic, hard-working and enthusiastic.

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A good day, you will meet the sophisticated Emily (Blake Lively), a woman liberated and mysterious, who lives surrounded by the glamour, with which will engage in an intimate relationship of friendship. When Emily asked to stay with your child all of a sudden, Stephanie suspected that something happens, but is willing to work together to help her. The problem is that it disappear completely, that will force her to seek it with the help of her husband Sean (Henry Golding) to uncover more of a secret uncomfortable.

Paul Feig is an excellent director of actresses, whatever the quality of the libretto, and once more get guide Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick to get the best of the best. Both work in an impeccable form to develop their characters without outshine one another and getting to perform a tandem memorable. Although the character elusive seems to be the of Lively, eye with the wonderful Kendrick, who acts as the narrator and ends up being, probably, the greatest discovery of the tape.

The other section worth mentioning, even to the couple that the interpretations, is the delicious soundtrack Theodore Shapiro. Music fans will recognize some of these songs that transport you in time and almost make you float in the air.

A small favor only derails at the end, when there is no more possibility to lengthen the suspense and the credibility of the film begins to wobble on a tightrope of setbacks, and underscores that do nothing more than to lengthen unnecessarily the footage.

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The plot is not needed to show on the screen what we imagined and fitted without problem and a couple of turns of nut less would make the proposal easier to digest and more round. We do not mean to say, there are significant changes from the novel, so those of you who expect total faithfulness will be a good disappointment.

Also play against a misunderstood feminist message when both interpreters are dispatched to one of the male characters of the film. It is understood that was intended to be a time jocular, but it does not work and over occurs in the middle of change of pace, cooling it enough to the viewer.

Despite its drawbacks, there are several specific sequences: the closet and the confessions martini in hand, without going further, which they already do by themselves and that the film deserves much worth it; they have that point electrifying and that acid humor that elevate the category of the film above the average of what comes to billboards, thanks to its unusual tone and somewhat thug. If you were fans of Desperate women, imagine that will put a spark of suspense hitchcockiano and you already have an idea of where to go shots.


The adaptation of the novel of the same title, “A small favor” to the big screen is a mess, disguised as a gourmet product: that is why it is so terribly funny and gorgeous and also so excessive and crazy.

The best

They! Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively keep a pulse interpretive exciting and does not cease to amaze even for a second.

The worst

It spends a bit of braking in the last third: in the scenario it would have been a bit of contention.