Criticize Millie Booby Brown for allegedly “abusing” the botox her 15-year


Is well small talk about the before and after of celebrities who made a arreglito in the operating room. Also to spread the funny statements of Niurka respect to the surgeries of their colleagues, Lis Vega, and Ninel Conde and talk about the surgeries without any kind of taboo.

What is not good is to expose to public ridicule a 15 year old girl, as Millie Booby Brown and assert that got botox using as evidence only the edited images of a Twitter account.

Images of Millie Booby Brown looking like a 40 year old woman, her 15-years, are not only false and tasteless, publish them in a journalistic means it is unethical and very inappropriate.

Adolescence is one of the most difficult stages that we go through, our self-esteem constantly has ups and downs and our personality yet to be forged at all. It is not fair that a teen girl as Brown, in addition to have to deal with the media exposure.

The most unfortunate part of all this is that Millie Booby Brown continues to be sexualized and used his figure to continue with this culture of dehumanization of the young actors of Hollywood.

Two years ago (when Millie was only 13 years old) was considered by several magazines as one of the Hollywood actresses sexiest of the tv, and all the world was shocked, now again is being exposed and caricatured.

Millie is a girl and thousands of girls around the planet want to be like her, ensure that you put botox, without any proof, is sick and an abuse which can impact on the emotional health of not only the actress, but of these girls who follow her, admire her and want to be like her.

Let us not forget, either, that Millie Booby Brown is in the process of growth, their style is changing, his features are changing, his body is changing and sooner or later it will no longer be seen as a girl and it is not fair that, by its very nature, it is ridiculed.