Demi Lovato recalls her struggle against bulimia on your stage in Disney


The life of Demi Lovato it’s not been easy. Since very young she has pursued fame, carving out a life full of successes and interesting projects and, at the same time dizzying. The singer began participating in various shows and became a “girl Disney”. However, its fame did not come until their participation in the international film ‘Camp Rock’. Now, years later, has begun to be honest with their followers and we can discover that life was not as fantastic as what appeared to be.

The drugs, his bipolarity, his lack of self-esteem, bulimia, and his problems with alcohol have ceased to be a secret to become a revelation. This is when the eating disorder that he suffered some years ago has once again become news in a talk with a day, that were his companions in ‘Sunny stars’ through the social networks.

The situation that I lived those years in which I suffered bulimia came to the limits of concern. The story of that difficult stage began when Tiffany Thornton recalled the great heat that was always in the dressing room of Demi Lovato.

“I had an eating disorder and was below my weight and always cold… always had people there to meet with me at the time of the meal, it is as well as working hard. People came in and I was covered with a blanket, and people were saying to me ‘are you 80 degrees here?’ and I answered ‘well, I’m frozen’. And they responded ‘my God, what passes with thee?'”, related Demi Lovato under the watchful eye of his companions and followers.

The u.s. is aware of his great popularity in the networks and that is why it has now changed of attitude, so it has decided to make public their problems. In a certain way their testimony will be of assistance to all those people who are going through some similar circumstances. The gesture of the singer corroborates once more the generosity that characterizes it.