Facebook released a series with Zac Effron and Anna Kendrick in another attempt to renew itself


Mark Zuckerberg has had a lot to do in the technological developments of the last 15 years, but his pet son seems to give no more than yes. Far from assuming that Facebook is slowing down (has lost 957.000 euros in Spain in 2018) does not throw in the towel and is still looking for the strategy star then take off again the social network and reach out to the younger generations.

The platform of video on demand that Facebook launched in late 2017, it seeks to create followers from new formats and familiar faces. If just yesterday we premiered the weekly series Will Smith on the platform, today sunrise with the news that two faces are very dear among the public millennial will the new animated series.

‘Human Discoveries’ will be produced by the own Zac Efron, and will be developed by the creators of the original series from Netflix, ‘BoJack Horseman’. The idea will revolve around a group of primitive human beings who will live out every one of the advances and inventions that will be happening. In addition to the voices of Efron and Kendrick, the new format of Facebook Watch will feature Lisa Kudrow, Jillian Bell, Paul Scheer or Lamorne Morris.

Goal: to get users of Facebook to see the series

Responsible for content and strategy for Facebook, Matthew Henick, explains that they are “intrigued and obsessed by knowing which are the formats that created community through our products as groups or surveys”. With a figure located in the 400 million views monthly, from the platform rely on this division to come forward, although by the way they have decided to charge 2/3 of the available formats up until now.

In fact, if we put in perspective the number of reproductions and compare it with the 3 billion of total users that are on Facebook no longer seems a figure so attractive. In fact, the audience for Netflix stood in 2017 by over 300 million and, taking into account that it is a payment platform, the number of Facebook again, it is not so splendid.

In spite of everything, to bet on the video content is one of the best steps that you can give Facebook right now. The question is will it be enough? Amazon Prime is progressing well among other things because it offers an extra service such as delivery of parcels are free of charge. However, Facebook Watch is not knowing to sell its products to its three billion users. If you don’t adapt the interface to the content, the user will not understand that it is a platform on-demand like HBO or Netflix. What to hang the series on a wall was very well as field tests, but in 2019 you can’t follow that line, basically, because the people will not know to differentiate the series from Will Smith a video of the Spanish Revolution.

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