Foxy Eyes, the best tips to have a look of model


Discover how to have the look ‘foxy’.

The techniques of makeup have been changing with time, at a time the large eyes were a constant, in other eyes very small, what today are the eyes elongated and almond .

There is a procedure that is called ‘thread tension’ that is that the sides of the eye are placed a few threads of collagen that make the eyes see more big sideways the ‘eyes of a fox’ characteristic of international models as Beautiful , Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

We’ll give you all the tips for that you these eyes powerful you do not have to go to a clinic to do this treatment it can all be achieved with makeup and playing with the angles of your face.

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Follow these steps that will give your eyes a look of model:

1.- Eyebrows

First péinalas up, if you do not want to fill you can use a brow gel to for cabellitos remain in place. The shape of your eyebrow must be straight, to make it curved your eyes will look more round.

2.- Hair

She made two braids on the sides of your eyes, jálalas to the sides as much as you can, if you don’t want to do this step, you can opt for a complete queue and tight to mark your eyes.

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3.- Tabs

Enchínalas and you can use or not to use false eyelashes, put all the attention towards the sides, do not place the mascara upwards, but by doing outward movement to your look look more almond.

4.- Shadows

The colors can be any, but preferably used black and coffee for depth, shades a more neutral to give light to your gaze.

The first thing is to put concealer on the area the mobile eyelid, after mark with a brush to angle the furthest parts of your eye, that is to say, in the tear and at the end of your lashes, put black eyeliner in the water line, blend out the darkest shadow.

You can load your makeup with a delineated more strong and shadows more striking.

Council for your selfies : Lower your chin and open your eyes, for your eyes look more elongated.