God of War: Jason Momoa would be Kratos in the movie live action



By Rodrigo Cortes |

Thanks to recent successes as a Detective Pikachu or Sonic The Movie, there is interest in doing more movies of video games. Among the options that might enter a stage of preproduction is God of Warthat would have to Jason Momoa in his leading role.

Jason Momoa

This information comes from the same person that revealed the return of Han in the next film Fast and Furious and Jake Johnson Jurassic World 3so the chances of having to Momoa as Kratos they are pretty tall.

Now, the studio interested in doing the live Action of God of War it is Universal, the same company behind Jurassic World and Fast and the Furious, so that the information, in any way, block. Also, have Jason Momoa as Kratos sounds somewhat logical, in addition to that it is not the first time that you imagine as well.

Kratos in God of War for PS4

What are the chances that Jason Momoa of life

The facts with Jason Momoa they are the following. The last three films in which participated the actor of hawaiian origin are: Aquaman (2018), The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) and Dune (2020). It will also appear in the film Sweet Girl who does not yet have a release date confirmed.

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Up here, one does not see it impossible Jason Momoa it Kratos in a film Live Action God of Warhowever, it participates in the series See that is exclusive to the streaming service Apple+. In almost that they wanted to the also well-known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, they would have to adjust recording times.

Between that happens or not this project God of Warit is worth remembering that time that Bosslogic through with an illustration to shave off to Jason Momoa and he imagined what it was characterized as the Kratos of the game of PS4.

Do you think this actor would do a good job in a role that
requires a lot of action and, in addition, be shaved? Let your comments!!