Gwyneth Paltrow prefers to avoid makeup



Although in recent years it has been stressing as a true guru of healthy living and in the standard-bearer of the latest trends and extravagant in the matter of beauty, what is certain is that in his most recent interview, Gwyneth Paltrow has defined itself as a “chicazo” -or “tomboy” in English – and he has reneged openly about the use of make-up when it is not strictly necessary.

In fact, the oscar-winning artist has secured in the new issue of People magazine that the use of the cosmetics purely aesthetic goes, in your case, strictly linked to their professional commitments, as they generally prefer to be presented with the face cleansed, fresh and free of impurities.

“I’ve never been a person of makeup, the truth, I love not having to wear it. For me, the makeup will only associated with the job. I went to a school only for girls, and, of course, we didn’t take makeup. Not we had to be pretty for anyone. Even in my adolescence, the makeup never was part of my routine. And I think that, in part, that’s why I am a little bit chicazo. I love the feeling of having clean skin,” he said.

Also, the actress welcomed the fact that the beauty standards today are more diverse, flexible and inclusive, at least in comparison with those who presided over its early years of working in the mecca of cinema. “To us, taught us that the canons of beauty were basically those of a Barbie doll. In the times of my daughter [Apple, de 15 años] things have radically changed,” he explained.