Hailee Steinfeld talks about infidelity in the “Wrong Direction”, What Was Niall Horan?


Hailee Steinfeld of 23 years of age, is an american actress and singer known worldwide for his popular song “Love Myself”. Although it also gained fame after being linked with the singer and former One Direction Niall Horan of 26 years; they were dating for a few months during the 2018.

The rumors of the causes of the split were various, though none confirmed by both singers. However, the first day of 2020, Hailee Steinfeld released the single “Wrong Direction”, a song that will be part of his next album. However what is relevant in the new release is the possible message that is sent “indirectly” to Niall Horan, or at least so say the fans.

Hailee Steinfeld talks about infidelity in the “Wrong Direction”, What Was Niall Horan?

Hailee Steinfeld talks about infidelity in the “Wrong Direction”, What Was Niall Horan?

The gentle melody and melancholic shows a Hailee with an inner pain reflected in the sentimentality of her voice, the decorations and musical arrangements blend together various instruments and contemporary sounds. But the lyrics of the song we could be telling something very crude that possibly lived the singer during her relationship with former One Direction:

“Don’t hate. Just hate all the pain that I’ve done to pass. For a moment, it seemed like a paradise and it is very complicated to fall in the wrong direction. I could not see you through the smoke. Looking back, I probably should have known, but I just wanted to believe that you were sleeping alone“, she sang Hailee in her new single.

And it is that this message could be referring to the singer Niall Horan possibly was unfaithful to Steinfeld during their short romance, though the actress of “Bumblebee” has not asserted nor refuted this theory who have created their followers.

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In one of the verses of the song, Hailee mentioned: “On tiptoe, but still couldn’t reach your ego. I guess I was crazy to give you my body, my mind. I don’t know what I was thinking until now. They all think that you are another person, even you believed to yourself“.

Perhaps in these lines Hialee Steinfeld is talking about a metaphorical way about Niall Horan, or maybe the song is not about his past relationship with the irish, but still “Wrong Direction” will be a song that you will want to devote when you have a broken heart.

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