Hailey Baldwin is compared to Selena Gomez for a filter on Instagram


Celebrities love to take photos and videos and share them to Instagram, although on some occasions this has caused embarrassing moments just like what happened with Hailey Baldwin.

Hailey Baldwin is the wife of Justin Bieber, continue to stirring up whole the internet and in their more recent publications in the social network caused a stir among internet users who took the opportunity to compare the model with Selena Gomez.

And is that something that fascinates him to the model Hailey Baldwin is to take photographs and share them to Instagram, however, a new filter has made a fool of, because the users do not hesitate to use the filter “You Look Like” to compare it with the ex of Justin Bieber.

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Hailey Baldwin tried to do something fun with the filter of Instagram, because the first who used it appeared to him the model Bella Hadid, this caused the laughter of the wife of Justin Bieber; in the following the same shape appeared under the name of model Gigi Hadid, for which the famous he was under.

However, netizens noticed that among the names appears that of the singer Selena Gomezwho was a love from the past of Justin Bieber, because in spite of having decided to make their lives along separate paths, users will not lose the opportunity to compare his wife with his ex-girlfriend.

Users will make a heavy joke to Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is compared to Selena Gomez for a filter

Hailey Baldwin is compared to Selena Gomez for a filter

The users did not hesitate to make a heavy joke Hailey Baldwinand put a picture of the wife of Justin Bieber with the name of Selena Gomez; this photo has caused uproar on social networks.

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