Halle Berry, how do you get your abs of steel?


At 53 years of age, Halle Berry looks as beautiful as in 2004, when he gave life to the iconic Marvel character, Catwoman. For years, the actress has been one of the stars of Hollywood with the best physical and that is what, in large part, to your genetics and your discipline with exercise that has allowed him to boast of an abdomen of steel, but how do you do it?

Halle Berry shows her belly©@halleberry
The actress decided to build some abs of steel to be in tune with its role as a fighter of MMA

On more than one occasion, the mother of two has been sharing the exercises you do, along with his trainer Peter Lee Thomas. In its Friday #FitnessFriday shows part of her training, and encourages its followers to establish their objectives with the physical training and this is the first lesson that we learned from the oscar-winning actress:

“There is No better feeling than setting a goal and impose it. What one of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Abs marked and today finally I made it, And it feels amazing! This #FitnessFridayI encourage them to propose their goal. What is your goal fitness? Placed the upper limit of what you think (…) and stay attached to him. The work will not be easy, but is it worth it? Worth every second,” he noted catwoman in one publication.

Halle Berry and Peter Lee Thomas lift blocks©@halleberry
With his coach, Halle, shows what a variety of different fitness routines

In addition, the interpreter had performed four hours of training a day. The only way to keep up that pace is with a lot of variety, so that she performs cardio workouts of high intensity combined with jumps, squats, pistols, jumpsplates –with all the variations you can imagine–.

In addition to helping you burn calories and strengthen the circulatory system, this combination of exercises strengthens the upper body, core and bottom rail. Engage the large muscle groups of the entire body. Strength exercises both traditional and uprisings of different types of weight strengthen the muscles and help to its development.

Halle Berry in the practice of boxing©@halleberry
Halle Berry joined the boxing training routines since few years ago

This sum practice boxing and mixed martial arts that are excellent for coordination, speed, toning, and even to lose or maintain weight. This kind of disciplines require the abdominal work standing. Since the core focuses stability and the execution of movements.


In addition to the benefits of concentration and relaxation that the yoga gives elasticity, strength and focus are contributions that Halle get into this practice.

Halle Berry and Peter Lee Thomas, Stretching©@halleberry
Breathing and stretching are fundamental processes to achieve maximum muscle performance